The first time I've seen a Russian stop filming

The first time I've seen a Russian stop filming


I was worried this one was gonna snap in half like the other one.


Disregarding the front fell off meme, a lot of cargo container ships actually can snap in half.. Look it up. When a cargo captain told me, I was glad I was only servicing the ships comms system while they were in port


[Yeah, here's the video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gaZhnNlutuQ)


Ye, remember that vid. Crazy stuff.. What the Captain told me, refering to container ships, is that there are few laws about disclosing what is inside the containers. That means the container weight supplied is not allways valid, causing overweight beyond tolerances on board without the crew being aware..


Nonsense, the containers are weighed by the loading crane one at a time so the load is distributed properly on the ship. The *contents* however, could be flammable, caustic, acidic, explosive, etc., and you'd have no idea unless they were inspected and caught by customs. SOLAS requires the shipper lists the correct weight, but the loading dock still weighs them as they are lifted and that weight is recorded and used during weight distribution. https://www.worldshipping.org/industry-issues/safety/WSC_Summarizes_the_Basic_Elements_of_the_SOLAS_Container_Weight_Verification_Requirement___February_2015.pdf https://www.morethanshipping.com/how-containers-are-loaded-on-a-full-container-ship/


Containers are not weighed at the time of loading, this is done in advance before the ship even arrives in port. Container location in a ship needs to be booked in advance to take into account all other containers and their intended destinations on the ships route to avoid excessive handling costs.


This isn’t a container ship it’s a drybulk ship


Doesn't look very dry to me.


According to the captain this was a "wessel".


A nuclear wessel? https://youtu.be/MdSJFrhb-HM


Only going by what the skipper told me.. For sure content is unknown. And I am glad there are regulstions for it, cause I got worried for the crew based on his description.. Thing is, can we trust that this is procedure in all ports?


Properly balancing cargo load is a standard for most all vehicles in transportation. Planes, boats, trucks, you name it. The pilots/captains/drivers do it for their own safety because they all know how quickly things can turn to shit when you have loose cargo or a back-heavy vehicle.


Seems a user in this thread vindicated me. There came new regulations in 2015-16, which made the actual weight of containers mandatory to report and log before they lift them on board ships.. I was afraid the Captain was bullshitting me, back in 2014


This was a problem once upon a time, but has since been mitigated. Mostly by new regulations that came about in 2015 or 2016 I think. SOLAS (20) VI/2 states 4) In the case of cargo carried in a container, except for containers carried on a chassis or a trailer when such containers are driven on or off a ro-ro ship engaged in short international voyages as defined in regulation III/3, the gross mass according to paragraph 2.1 of this regulation shall be verified by the shipper, either by: .1 weighing the packed container using calibrated and certified equipment; or .2 weighing all packages and cargo items, including the mass of pallets, dunnage and other securing material to be packed in the container and adding the tare mass of the container to the sum of the single masses, using a certified method approved by the competent authority of the State in which packing of the container was completed. 5) The shipper of a container shall ensure the verified gross mass§ is stated in the shipping document. The shipping document shall be: .1 signed by a person duly authorized by the shipper; and .2 submitted to the master or his representative and to the terminal representative sufficiently in advance, as required by the master or his representative, to be used in the preparation of the ship stowage plan 6) If the shipping document, with regard to a packed container, does not provide the verified gross mass and the master or his representative and the terminal representative have not obtained the verified gross mass of the packed container, **it shall not be loaded on to the ship.**


Thank you for that detailed response. I was on board that ship in 2014, in Sicily. Based on all the downvoting , I was afraid the captain was bullshitting me.. Guess he was mostly correct , but in the other hand I am glad they mended it with regulations! Once again, you deserve an award :)


the cranes have a pretty precise scale in em (like pretty much all cranes). I wonder why that's not used....


No need to wonder because they are.


At least the front didn't fall off.


You’d they could weigh them before loading or something.


There is usually a lot of rush, and they can only go by the official weight given by the "sender", meaning they have to blindly trust the given info. There is weight info on cranes and max tolerances for said cranes, but do not think there are processes where the crane operator knows how heavy the container should be..


Not true. Loading cranes have inbuilt load sensors. I've had a container rejected for being 200kgs over what was allowable.


Allowable for the crane yes, but is it based on what the records say the container should be?


You can set the crane to have a max weight allowable...


I know. But once again. The containers have very varying weights. If you add a max weight on the crane itself, then some containers will not be allowed, even if the weight is correct. The point is not the weight is above what the cranes can take, it is what the combined weight on board the ship actually is. There is a max tolerance on the crane, and that is of course allways adhered to The captains point was that the registered weight not allways corresponded to the weight given by the sender of the container. I really hope they have changed those procedures. And basing it on the feedback from people, it seems they have


Huh that’s interesting, you’d think it wouldn’t be hard to streamline since I assume there’s a packing order? Or do they just go any which way in?


Not sure about the logistics, I am afraid. All I know is what the Captain told me. He hated running the unknown shipments.. I guess there is limited info shared between the loading operators and the ship


This must have been a couple years ago since there's now a regulation that all containers must have their gross weight submitted before loading.


Maybe I am not writing it precice enough. What he told me was that they get weight info about each crate. Problem was that certain places they could not trust that the submotted weight value was correct, which in turn could screw up the weight balance of the ship and worst case cause physical damage.


Yeah something that long and heavy made of steel or not has enormous forces on it when it crests a wave. Its a ship, not a bridge.


The one where the front fell off?


That's not supposed to happen.


Well, a wave hit it.


Is that normal?




So you’re telling me there’s a chance?!




The front fell off, but I assure you, it's not supposed to do that.


Well, a wave hit it


Some of these ships are designed so that front doesn’t fall off at all.


Even when it's wavey?


At sea? A chance in a million!


The crew below deck died and then the ship sank.


That was because the captain took a river boat onto open waters. The boat wasn’t designed for it.


No, its because the ship was in such poor condition it should've been condemned, it wasn't a river ship https://www.freightnews.co.za/article/questions-raised-over-carrier-sinking-within-sight-land-and-two-other-vessels


Yeah, that's a barge.


No, its because the ship was in such poor condition it should've been condemned, it wasn't a river ship https://www.freightnews.co.za/article/questions-raised-over-carrier-sinking-within-sight-land-and-two-other-vessels


Whatever corporate type made the decision to keep sailing that ship needs to be charged with murder. Thanks for correcting me here.


Yeah sailors, especially those from poorer nations, are treated as basically completely disposable. The companies know their families don't have the money or political clout to muster a lawsuit if they go down with the ship


Yeah, I used to work a dock as an Operator for a company on the Houston Ship Channel. The Russian vessels were OK, people seemed to be treated well (they're all Russian on those ships though) and it was easy to see that they had the money to disembark and go to local Malls and outlet stores. Indian vessels, though rare where I was at, were about the same. Nice crews too. It's the vessels owned by Greek and Danish corporations that are complete assholes. The Captains are either Greek or Norwegian (for some reason) and they hire all Filipino crews and treat them like shit right in front of you. So I would go up and do paperwork with the Captain and see over half of them scream at someone at some point in a way that would be displeasing for anyone around. If you saw a person in America scream in public at someone the way these Captains scream at their crew, you'd get in their face. When I qualified to work the docks, I had several dockmen tell me not to get involved, for jurisdictional reasons. The laws are different on the boats and that Captain, in a lot of ways, IS THE LAW. I was told I'll see them abuse their station. Those Filipino crews never once got off the vessel. I saw one crew order food and manage to secure some Levi's Jeans with that requisition. Other than that, there was no sign Filipino crews make any money. They can also be set to 15 month contracts with possible auto-renewal! Imagine needing a job so bad you're willing to leave your family for at least 15 months and the very real possibility of 3 years. It's heartbreaking.




The above comment was stolen from [this one](http://np.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/no24dz/the_first_time_ive_seen_a_russian_stop_filming/gzywfl9/) elsewhere in this comment section. It is probably not a coincidence, because this user has done it before: Original | Plagiarized -------- | ----------- [I was just wondering if one of...](http://np.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/nnroqz/motorcycle_airbags_exist_but_no_one_uses_them/gzyl05x/) | [I was just wondering if one of...](http://np.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/nnroqz/motorcycle_airbags_exist_but_no_one_uses_them/gzzv2ij/) [This post fills me with determ...](http://np.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/nnpaqy/he_has_ascended/gzwnrmi/) | [This post fills me with determ...](http://np.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/nnpaqy/he_has_ascended/gzzw83y/) [do people still tell the dad t...](http://np.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/no1zp4/big_brain/gzymujc/) | [do people still tell the dad t...](http://np.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/no1zp4/big_brain/gzzvxwi/) [me playing Stellaris > _>](http://np.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/noaito/my_game_tierlist/gzzrvjo/) | [me playing Stellaris >_>](http://np.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/noaito/my_game_tierlist/gzzw62b/) [needs some sort of scoring. is...](http://np.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/noe6a3/i_made_this_game_in_querantine_what_u_think/gzzl11e/) | [needs some sort of scoring. is...](http://np.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/noe6a3/i_made_this_game_in_querantine_what_u_think/gzzvvg5/) [You’re a bad mofo, this was a ...](http://np.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/no7bo0/i_think_ive_peaked_its_all_downhill_from_here/gzztt2a/) | [You’re a bad mofo, this was a ...](http://np.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/no7bo0/i_think_ive_peaked_its_all_downhill_from_here/gzzvptj/) [Heres the thing. When ever som...](http://np.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/nnru5v/risking_my_life_to_settle_a_physics_debate/gzyrb14/) | [Heres the thing. When ever som...](http://np.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/nnru5v/risking_my_life_to_settle_a_physics_debate/gzzvahd/) beep boop, I'm a bot -|:] It is this bot's opinion that [/u/bahwighjrty4589](https://np.reddit.com/u/bahwighjrty4589/) should be banned for spamming. A human checks in on this bot sometimes, so please reply if I made a mistake. Contact reply-guy-bot if you have concerns.


I wish I knew. I want to see the damage.


I came here to say this....


Thank you for letting us know!


I am sooooo over this overused joke. Every single post about a boat on here. The original joke isn’t even that funny to begin with as well.


You’re done? Want me to order a taxi? (Thought you arrived in a car)




There once was a ship


From Nantucket


the waves were too big for their buckets


Wave crashed over their bow And the captain said "Now, stop filming, the viewers can suck it"


A wave so big smashed their bow that even the Russian's said fuck it.


the fuck is this meter?


I actually forgot the syllable count for a limerick. Knew someone would call me out for it


I can’t believe you’ve done this.


That put to sea. And the name of that ship was the Billy o' Tea.


The winds blew up, her bow dipped down


blyat my billy boys blyat.


A seafarer here, spent most of my career working on tankers. This vessel is actually quite small as far as tankers go. It looks like they've tried their best, the vessel was properly aligned at a slight angle to the waves (although in that weather controlling the vessel becomes difficult). It looks to me like they were hit by a rougue wave, it was significantly higher than what can be observed around them. I've been in weather like this few times and it is fun for few hours but gets annoying real fast.


As someone who never stepped foot on such vessels - what are the chances of things going wrong? Is such a vessel in such a sea a normal daily occurrence and business as usual, or is it more of a "oh shit boys go do your prayers and let's hope for the best" kind of situation?


Pretty cool video about [rogue waves](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ylOpbW1H-I).


How are they going to drop rogue holes at the end and just move on like those aren't 10 times as horrifying


Just in case you didn't have thalasophobia


Very insightful, thank you.


God I loved that channel. The animations, fascinating topics, thorough research, smooth German accent. For anyone reading this who happened to follow him and wondered why he stopped uploading, or if you liked this video and want more like it, he has a new channel called [Deep Dive](https://youtube.com/channel/UCFPGKw4jb7CJur6cHmIgI3Q) and it has the same excellent quality. It’s a shame he felt like he had to have a do-over, because a few minor tweaks and adjustments and little bit more polish would have put him at the level of kurzgesagt but for biology and earth science imo.


No real experience, but I'd guess this is "whoa big storm" but you might get seasick or slip/trip/lose your balance or spill your coffee. You'd never expect the ship to break up. Nobody is praying, except to the porcelain shrine. Also stoicism and fatalism.


Unless there is a freak rouge wave the vessel shoud withstand even the force of a hurricane, it is unpleasant but the vessels are designed with harsh conditions in mind.


The one that snapped in half was a really old ship that was in disrepair, right? I mean, if this kind of thing can happen how do they get those massive cargo ships full of shipping containers across the ocean without this being an every day thing? Is this because Russia has very little regulations surrounding safety in every industry and they are allowed to sail vessels that are pieces of shit who can break under rogue waves? I get that they are a crazy force of nature, but if you're going to sail through waters with rogue waves shouldn't most of the ships be built to withstand those kind of forces?


Yeah, essentially the vessel was ancient and designed to sail mostly on rivers, it should have been scrapped 20 years ago. I know rougue waves are factored into strenght calculations these days but they will still cause damage.


They shouldn't be out in it at all. Not the captain's fault, probably, it's whoever he works for. But with forecasting as good as it is now there's just no reason to be in seas like that.


True, there is that point of view. But weather can still be unpredictable, a vessel like that can do max of 14kn if you push it, if a TRS suddenly decides to change direction there is little you can do.


I acknowledge that, but I don't think it's the real problem. Every winter, there's a story about a ship losing tons of containers off Hatteras in a storm that the sailing community has been talking about for at least a week. There seems to be an obvious push to risk lives and property and the environment to gain a day or two on a schedule. It's shameful.


>[The first time I've seen a Russian stop filming](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLI0H5wWHC8)




> Cyka Blyat ftfy


The gantries and what not on the deck actually move, indicating they buckled under the lateral force of the water. Wonder what other damage their was?


Spilled his ~~coffee~~ vodka


Nah it’s coffee. There just happens to be some vodka in it.


Now there is salty water in it


I've seen crazy damage on my ship from much less than this. Deck had to be wrecked.


I’m a sailor....the bering sea is no joke


This was in the Baltic Sea.


They said they were a sailor, not the navigator.


Damnit, Jim. I'm a doctor not a weatherman!


I stand corrected, thanks brother. The ocean is unforgiving. I’ve never been there, I’m hoping to pass through the Panama Canel one day...I’ve been up to the arctic circle, bering sea, all over North and South Pacific Ocean, East and South China Sea, Philippine Sea. The ocean is unforgiving.


Yes, many people served in the pacific fleet.


lol nah bro, I ain’t Navy


I don't think that's accurate though, Baltic sea is pretty small and shallow, never seen waves like this or anything even close.


That's also no joke


Do oil tankers even go in the bering sea?


Yea, ships travel through the bering sea, they have a right of passage through the Alaska Aleutian Islands...I can’t remember exactly where in the Aleutian Islands but it’s a route that these commercial ships use.


That's nuts. I thought only crazy ass fishermen ventured those waters




Fishing for ass 😉😘


Is this mandatory XKCD? [https://xkcd.com/37/](https://xkcd.com/37/)


I've been in some heavy seas in the Aleutians... in a tugboat. It was pretty wild.


Damn bro, a tugboat is even crazy too. I’ll tell you what though, those tugboat captains are MASTERS at their craft. I’m always blown away seeing them maneuver with big ass ships.


It's likely to become a major route as the north ice cap recedes. Shortest route from northern Europe to Asia then.


I am not a sailor, but it seems the bering sea and the Indian Ocean are fucking death traps.


I’m not a sailor either, and I’d say that stormy water make waves big and scary.


I am a seafarer, Indian ocean I would call "average" unless you are going into roaring forties, furious fifties or screaming sixties, but same is true for any ocean. Bearing sea is bad by virture of being in high latitude, the weather is always bad there regadless of location.


I was in a ship that went around Tierra del Fuego once. Strongest winds I have ever seen in my entire life, it was legitimately impossible to stand up without being pushed over, and several windows were destroyed just from the wind. Can't imagine sailing waters like that with any regularity, seems like a death trap waiting to happen.


Now imagine trying to round the horn under sail, trying for weeks to tack your way through that wind. Such respect for those early explorers. Metal.


This is why spices were so damn expensive


The southern tip of Africa is actually the place most responsible for sinking ships.


Isn't it a rule that in big storms like this you turn the ship against the wind direction to minimize the danger? Or does it only work with smaller boats?


You’re right! I don’t know what the specifics is on that, but that’s pretty much it. You don’t want to take heavy seas directly off your beam. I don’t have my captains license so I can’t say for sure.


You want to take the waves at an angle, not straight on the bow and not on the beam in order not to stress the vessel too much and avoid excessive pitching or rolling. The downside is that the vessel will start doing a weird corkscrew movement which makes everyone incredibly seasick


ello sailor.


Question: Are these kind of accident not entirely preventable with proper route planning using weather forecasting? Am I missing something here?


Can't always predict severe or outlying waves. Pretty cool and scary video here :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ylOpbW1H-I


You’re right, it’s preventable...these commercial ships forecast the weather. You can also avoid storms visually, my guess would be they have a strict schedule and they can’t miss their arrival day.


Ah yes the Gulag Rush


The Baltic is small. So the alternative here is just hiding in port somewhere.


There is no way that was in the baltic. Probably the north or bering sea.


Holy shit. I ended up watching this clip like four times. That is fucking terrifying.


Still amazing to me how recently we figured out rogue waves weren't myths. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ylOpbW1H-I


At least the front didn't fall off.


Maybe this one is build so the front does not fall off.


Is that normal?


[Rogue waves](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ylOpbW1H-I)


This is a great video. Thank you.


didn't people DIE on that ship?


Yes, they died in uppercase.


Why isn't the glass on the bridge of a ship like this like 4 in thick? I've heard once the electronics get wet on the bridge they're sort of fucked, so you would think the bridge would basically be an impenetrable room that a wave couldn't break all the glass.


You are serious underestimating the sheer power of a wave that side, and the raw amount of weight and mass behind that much water crashing head-on into the glass. It has enough force to pick up a freight train and cast it aside like a toy, goodluck designing a glass panel that can withstand that.


good luck finding someone that pays for wave proof glass


We can make a transparent panel that can stand up to the pressures of extreme deep sea exploration, don't pretend like waves are stronger than that. It may not be economical, but it's 100% possible, and not even that hard. Imagine that we can make glass panes that can withstand a 50 BMG round, or crystal panes that can withstand the vacuum of space, but you don't think we can make some that can handle big waves? Edit: anyone reading this who cares about the truth should look up the pressure at the bottom of the Marianas trench, and then look up the vessel we were able to send down there. The pressure is absurd, and obviously way higher than a wave on the surface could produce. That is not at all in dispute in the scientific community.


F=MA. The force that specific wave is exponentially greater than a bullet impacting glass.


Now do the physics on the subs that travel to the Marianas trench, and compare that to a wave.


Force is not the same as pressure. Theyre different things with different characteristics.


This, in the current context, tells me you do not know physics very well.


Nice. You've made additional comments since my reply calling you out, but still haven't responded. Admitting that you were wrong is a sign of strength and growth.




Alright, you're fine to choose to be anti science and anti reality, I just hope you realize that that is the side that you're on. You're being on the same side as those far right anti-vaccers.


He didn't need to reply, as your additional comment was still answered by his first statement. You are seriously underestimating the sheer power of a wave that size. The bottom of the Mariana trench has nothing on the force of a 100 foot tall wall of water racing towards you. Also, you're extremely condescending, I'm not surprised he doesn't want to respond.


You are incorrect. You are seriously underestimating the pressure at the bottom of the Marianas trench. The pressure is 8 TONS PER SQUARE INCH. That's over 1,000 tons of force on a single square foot of surface area. That's over 2 million pounds. If you think a wave can exert two million pounds of force per square foot, then you do not understand basic physics.




What's not Russian?


Everyone is speaking Russian, mate. Did you get a look at their passports?


What's with the title? I watched because I wanted to see a big wave, but this title made no sense.


That title is so cringy. What does it have to do with being a Russian? What is this stupid internet phenomenon where people associate cold and tough attitude with Russians? It's incredibly dumb.


Not as cringy as your post.


Care to explain why?


I didn't know the Baltic sea can be so harsh.


I used to work off shore,gulf of Mexico. Never underestimate Mother Nature


Oi oi oi


you have to take on the waves head on or the force of the wave is multiplied by the area of the side.


It sounded just like in the movies


Clearly not a Russian built ship


at least the front didn't fell off