Fishermen Hear an Earthquake at Sea

Fishermen Hear an Earthquake at Sea


Reminds me of [this other video](https://youtu.be/KLswGzuCQBc) I saw where a guy on a lake witnesses a 6.3 quake. Actually amazing footage.


Woah. Those bubbles!


Wetlands have a lot of plant matter decomposing. There is a lot of gasses trapped at the bottom. It doesn't take much to disturb it. Walking through a wetland makes it look like you're constantly farting.


I've heard in some lakes CO2 can be stored at the bottom of a lake and during earthquakes it can release the gasses causing a limic eruption. It can be very deadly. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_Nyos_disaster




This is the start of a Stephen King story. Jesus. The guys on the boat didn't know how to explain a sound, but imagine if everyone around you was dead and you have brain damage. I would think it was the apocalypse.


I know it's a jump in tone, but that reminds me of a story in the X-Men comics of a new teen mutant whose power was to uncontrollably release an invisible, lethal chemical that killed everyone around him. He didn't know what happened because he was immune, just that he woke up and everyone around him was dead.


[Ultimate X-Men #41](https://marvel.fandom.com/wiki/Ultimate_X-Men_Vol_1_41) [Edit: Found the pages](https://funnyjunk.com/Ultimate+xmen+new+mutants+pt+ii/ukmyLhx/#1b4935_6653970)


For anyone who enjoyed this, [the second short film in the Memories anthology](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Memories_%281995_film%29#Stink_Bomb) is an animated story following the same premise (guy swallows pill which makes him emit lethal gas).


Yep. Dang, it's still good.


This is a relevant and proper thread hijack, but is that a Marvel fart joke?


Not from me, but maybe?


Sounds like a superhero my wife would make up morning after burrito dinner.


Thanks for introducing another terrifying possibility of death that I didn’t need to know about!


Luckily they are very rare and usually in specific locations


Limnic eruptions can only happen in places where there's a huge amount of dissolved gasses in a layer underwater that have the potential to invert and dump these gasses into the air in one go. [Lake Kivu](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_Kivu?wprov=sfla1) is one of the few other places this could happen, but it's much larger and could kill a couple of million people if it were to happen today. Geological records suggest it happens about one every thousand years, and there's not much they can do about it given its size...


While unnerving, that's fascinating. Thanks for the link


"I swear Jenny, it was an earthquake!"


Every earthquake footage I’ve seen was in cities so it usually, to me, just looks like all the buildings are falling apart and the ground isn’t actually moving. I think this might be the first time I’ve seen footage of the ground ACTUALLY FUCKING MOVING AND IT SCARES THE SHIT OUT OF ME


there's some gnarly videos of the 3/11 earthquake in japan, and others as well where you can see the ground in the cities actually make waves like water. it's crazy and pretty unnerving. [here is an example](https://youtu.be/7lPbCvwbhOg)


This is my go-to [Japanese earthquake](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rn3oAvmZY8k) liquifaction video. I'm pretty sure the city I work in will do something similar during an earthquake.


At first, the dog was able to hold it back by barking at it, but once the dog stopped barking at it the earthquake was emboldened and things got worse.


i'm watching this legit worried this dude is going to drown.


Is that paving designed with earthquakes in mind or are the tiles just shifting along a natural weak point along the boundary between the two types of paving?


If you didn’t already, watch the video again but with headphones…


There was an earthquake not too long ago in California that I heard before I felt. I've experienced a few, and I heard an all encompassing rumble and immediately thought 'that's an earthquake' and just a couple seconds later felt a decent 4.0 wobble. The sound is nothing that can be replicated artificially and it is terrifying. A deep bass hum that sounds like it's coming from every direction. Human's manipulate land and influence it's behavior but it's pretty much the one thing we can't control or do anything about and that's why they're frightening.


Damn, that was pretty cool.


then [this](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hj_65gWaHbo&ab_channel=Raffaella) will blow your mind


"Oh dear cod!"




Kinda scary. It's like a VERY large anime stepped out of the water nearby. Just everything moving and water shifting.


Amazing that our first thought when hearing a noise is a “super sonic jet”. I wonder what they would have guessed it was a a hundred years ago, a couple hundred years ago, etc.


100 years ago, maybe naval artillery. Thousands of years ago, Poseidon is pissed.


"We gotta get back to shore and sacrifice some lambs bro!"


It kind of feels like we’re devolving back to the Poseidon explanation again sometimes


Sky gods


I wonder why they thought that. Guess they've not heard one?


Wonder if the fishes got scared too.


Eerie. As I understand it, when a tsunami forms and the shockwave flows through deep parts of the ocean, it doesn’t generate a noticeable wave until it gets close to shore and the water becomes shallow, forcing the entire column of water up and into a massive crest. I imagine this is what it must be like to experience a tsunami shockwave passing through the column of water underneath your boat while out at sea. I’ve read that back in the day, Japanese fishermen would occasionally be out at sea when a tsunami hit the coast of Japan. They would return home to a devastated village, not having realized the tsunami passed directly beneath them on its way to the coast.


I’d say they DO form crests, but not one massive one. It’s not like movies. It’s more like a VERY low tide followed by a devastating super high tide.


I remember solving wave equations in COMSOL at university. I was surprised to realize that a tsunami travels at 500 mph in the deep ocean, but with very low amplitude, you won’t even notice it, and the wavelength is over a hundred miles. When it approaches the shore, the speed and wavelength decreases while the amplitude increases. https://www.weather.gov/jetstream/tsu_prop


Here is video of the Japanese Coast Guard passing over the March 4 quake https://youtu.be/06huCv3cCaM


Exactly, waves are basically big circles, with half of the circle above water. You don’t see the semicircle wave above water until it is pushed above water by the continental shelf as it approaches the shore


How bad would it be to be underwater in the vicinity of the waves origin


I believe this happened with some divers during the 2004 tsunami


https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=L5IbDi09Yb4 Dangerous


Quick pressure changes could wreak havoc on your body similar to swimming to the surface too fast while scuba diving.


I don't think its much of a high pressure, explosive wave. I think its more of a super massive amount of water, being shifted a matter of feet or meters with in a few seconds. I expect this would maybe pop your ears badly and that you would feel it under water, but you wouldn't sustain organ damage or internal bleeding. Unless you were very close to an explosive epi center of an event, then its probably worse.


I remember a myth busters type video that I couldn't find about what the effects of being near a grenade are. Are jumping into the water with one was by far the worst outcome in the scenario of. You in water grenade out, grenade in water you out. Both in. both out. And it surprised me. Edit: it was a markrober video


They did kind of do it "Dive to survive" https://youtu.be/sYFG48I6KHg


Sounds right. I was snorkeling about two miles from the main island we were visiting in Thailand when the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami hit. Went right through us, water got a little choppy, but it devastated the island. The thing you don’t notice is the water level rapidly rising because you are floating on top of it. Of the two boats present in the area, one sank because it was anchored and the water rushed over it. Our boat and it’s owner that we hired stayed afloat only because he was quick with his knife and cut the anchor line.


Dude in the overalls looks like he was coming to grips with the end, struggling with whether to admit love for his bro.


Bro we should kiss just in case.


Why do you think they were filming? Dude was about to bropose


And of course he can’t say no, because of the implication.


Decades ago my dad and I were fishing in a 12' aluminium boat in Howe Sound (sorta like a fjord or inlet) in British Columbia. We noticed a large glassy wave about 8' high approaching from the ocean direction of the Sound. It stretched from shore to shore but gave us plenty of time to get ready. Dad positioned the bow at a 3/4 angle and we bobbed up and over without much trouble. We watched it continue up the Sound where it turned the corner and disappeared. I can only assume it was a result of a minor earthquake. As we were car-camping and there was no instant access to the outside world, we never heard anything about it. I can imagine that when it hit the end of the Sound some miles away it would be quite sloshy for anyone caught on the beach.


Why 3/4 and not head on?


It's easier on the boat and less likely capsize. Think of climbing a steep hill. It's easier to walk up diagonally than straight up.


I’d freak tf out


So, I was not far from the epicenter of this. If they were fishing off CT, they were actually a bit away- it was off MA (not Cape Cod, buzzards bay off the south coast, so a bit closer to CT). It was incredibly loud. Woke me straight out of a deep sleep. I barely noticed my room was shaking, that's how startled I was by the sound.


I live in San Diego next to an air base. It's 50/50 if it's a jet or an earthquake.


It’s so eerie. I’d probably be like “yo, is that Armageddon?”




Such an amazing, unexpected game. I had never even heard of it until Play @ Home handed it out. Now it's on my all-time best list.


I would simply turn around and spray my bowels into the sea.


Yeah, but you were just waiting for an excuse to do that.


Fucking lol


Username checks out


I like to think that you mean your actual bowels, and not the contents of them. That's when you know you're *really* scared.


Like brown and pink Silly String.


So that's what a poop deck is.


I would absolutely love a first-hand account of what this actually sounded like in person. The video just doesn't do it justice.


I was in a fair sized earthquake when I was a kid. We were on land but the confusing roaring noise was what I recall hearing first before feeling any shaking.


Holy shit


It's a supersonic fucking whale bro!...jay that thing sounds hurt bro!


I’m not seeing anything what am I watching for


Listening for. At 6 seconds you can hear a sound for a few seconds that sounds like jet flying by, but far away. Or sounds like wind blowing on some trees.


Ahh I assumed it was wind






Fishermen HEAR and earthquake at sea..Hear.


Why am I nonplused by this video. They seem very concerned and the one guy is even pleased he got "it" on camera but aside from a casual swoosh sound this seems very unimpressive.


nonplussed used to mean: surprised in a "don't know how to react" kind of way people seem to use it to mean "meh" these days






As with most things, it was likely more impressive in person. But the sound is still interesting.


A lot of people, including myself, didn’t realize earthquakes made noise. This is my first time hearing one and reading about it, so it’s very interesting to me.


I have been in two earthquakes in my life here in the DMV, and one time I was fortunate enough to have had my window open and hear it. As strange as it was, it sounded almost exactly like the earthquake attack sound from gen 1 and 2 Pokémon games.


So what do you do at that point? Radio your position, "everything allright with is" and tell them to expect a tsunami and that you're sticking out untill tsunami danger has passed?


I was living in CT during this earthquake. I was out walking with my son and overheard my neighbors talking about an earthquake. I didn't feel anything, but I my wife who was in the house did. One of my last memories in CT, moved the next day.


That's just Godzilla moving from Point A to Point B. Nothing to hear here.




Ok, so I'm not one of the folks who downvoted this but I absolutely don't get this advice at all. Maybe I would understand if you can't swim and are on a tiny boat or are working on deck in treacherous weather, but always? Nah. Seems like weird advice along the lines of always wear a parachute in a plane under any circumstance.


It’s honestly not neccesary in newer boats as they are filled with foam , it’s 100% neccesary to have life jackets on board but unless you plan on swimming you’ll be good. In an event of falling in the water , it’s safer to know how to swim than it is to have a life jacket , I think it should be part of school to teach swimming as our planet is mostly water


Honestly ... no. Depends on water temperature, wind & sea state, what you're wearing, how much freeboard the boat has, darkness and if you're injured or unconscious. It can be very difficult to swim when wearing bulky clothes and boots. Cold water can cause hypothermia. High freeboard can make it difficult to get someone back on board.


Well honestly you didn’t read when I said it’s 100% neccesary to have life jackets on board, in the event that it’s dangerous seas you’d put a life jacket on , you don’t need to wear one all the time though Also I’m pretty sure you didn’t understand anything I said asi never said lifejackets were useless But not as useful as knowing how to swim in most circumstances , you can float all you want but I’d you can’t figure out how to swim back to a boat or towards any land mass you are fucked anyways


what ?


With all the recent news about the Air Force talking about UFOs and what not, I can’t say I blame these guys for getting spooked. I think I have heard about earthquake and tsunami sounds, but I guess I expected more of a low rumble than a high hiss. Are they hearing some sort of muffled shockwave of air passing over them?


Tsunami: Not seen as a massive wave, early is an unbroken white line approaching shore. You have some time to run away. Don’t wait for massive wave. …