Multimeter Tips & Tricks [This Old Tony]

Multimeter Tips & Tricks [This Old Tony]


This is pretty funny and I do see it was uploaded on 4/1. I do think this humor would go over most people's head. It's a little esoteric.




you lucky SOB, you get to see it all with vigor and youth. I have rewatched all his videos 3 or 4 times over.


I was super excited... I use a multimeter for work and could use some good tips because I secretly google how to do things before doing them. Seeing the title I thought I found one of those, this is why I reddit posts lol


Can confirm, he uses too much jargon.




I wasn't entirely sure up until he said he uses the small one to check windshield wiper fluid and lug nuts.


I've followed Tony for quite a while and his videos have just become more and more hilarious over the years but don't underestimate the technical knowledge he has about hobby engineering. If you watch through his CNC mill conversion (the legendary MAHO!) then you'll find that he's a genuinely skilful and knowledgeable craftsman.


The deadpan delivery in the exact same style of all these hobbyist videos is amazing.


There is a reason it's called a multimeter and not a multiyarder.


This video has just enough shitposting for me to not know when he's serious. That really makes it not so great for beginners actually looking for tips and tricks.


All his videos are satyrical, he is hilarious. If you have a little knowledge of mechanics and machining you understand how ridiculous his videos are.


Became immediately suspicious when he said his wife suggested he make a video on multimeters.


He had me till abot 2:30, Im pretty high