10-year-old asked to meet President Jimmy Carter after beating cancer

10-year-old asked to meet President Jimmy Carter after beating cancer


Here's my unsolicited Jimmy Carter story: He teaches Sunday School twice a month at his church in Plains, GA (or he did pre-covid). My mom and cousin and I went to see him right after Hurricane Michael. Carter was doing kind of a Socratic method thing during the lesson asking questions. He asked what you can do to be of service to neighbors that are less fortunate. People said things like take them food, take them to doctors appointments, help in the yard, stuff like that. Then this one woman said “you could pray!” And she sounded all smug and pleased with herself like that was the right answer. And Jimmy Carter, a Southern Baptist Sunday school teacher, said “well, I think that’s taking the easy way out”. And it was the sickest burn I ever heard.


A true Christian believes god does his work through us, not that he does work for us.


I'd say Jimmy Carter qualifies then.


Jimmy Carter is not the hero we deserve, but the hero we need.


Carter 2024! Protect the man like the national treasure he is!


Holy shit he's eligible for another term isn't he? Like, duh, but man Carter primarying Biden would be fucking nuts. Also I want way younger politicians in the WH but damn I would love to live through a Carter administration.


Haha I'm being sarcastic. The man probably has zero interest in being president again. I think he's way too old to be president too. Biden is pushing it, but we had no other choice.


Republicans will make him sell his peanut farm again because suddenly they care about the Emoluments clause.


He would sell it himself again, because he cares about the Emoluments clause.




jimmy carter is old enough to be joe biden’s dad, no lie


*Nicolas Cage has entered the chat room.*


We are the Body of Christ himself.


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We shall serve him with a side of fava beans and a nice chilled chianti.




Depends on what temp they are stored at. Room temp in the US is probably between 70-72. Way too warm for wine.


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Your premium cut of jesus is usually from the thighs so maybe if you're trying a shoulder cut it will taste different. Try a slice off the back of your thigh and you'll find the true Jesus flavor!


People who actually practice that are rare. They certainly exist, but they aren't your typical god-fearing Christian. This is coming from someone with an Italian last name, who's entire paternal side of the family are gun-toting religious zealots. They are your absolute typical "god-fearing catholic." Everyone will burn in hell except for them; all of it. I own guns also, that's not really the issue; the issue is the fact that *so many* hardcore "christian" people are armed to the teeth and living in perpetual fear. They'll tell you it's about protecting the constitution and the 2nd amendment...but if that was true, why do you have an entire arsenal of weapons and pistols for....who exactly? There's two of you, and you're both over 70. These people live in fear, and they choose that. It's really sad, because my uncle (my late dad's brother) isn't a bad guy, but he can't separate those issues from *anything else* and if you aren't catholic, you need to be, and my dad is stuck in purgatory until I become catholic. Yeah. I don't have contact with them anymore, which means the name will die with me. They had girls, my brother is gay, and I'm not having kids. That's not related to anything I don't know why I included that. EDIT: Want to know the kicker to all of this? My first name is Christian.


i appreciated all the details.


All good.


Catholics seem to be divided into two camps, people like your dad's side (and my oldest daughter), and the Democratic leaning type from the 60's. How she can worship the king of the Jews, but be anti-Semitic, have a house full of guns in fear of black people, yet live in a town with zero black folks, and drive her mother insane with trying to convert her, all while whining about "Muslims will try to make Sharia law the law of the land". This while trying to help shove a fake christian nation and laws up everyone else's ass. I can't even talk to her anymore, and really, I don't miss her.


My dad's *family*. My father was a Ph. D physicist who didn't play their games either. This isn't really relevant to what you said but I NEEDED to make that clear, my dad was *not* one of them. >How she can worship the king of the Jews, but be anti-Semitic, have a house full of guns in fear of black people, yet live in a town with zero black folks, and drive her mother insane with trying to convert her, all while whining about "Muslims will try to make Sharia law the law of the land". This while trying to help shove a fake christian nation and laws up everyone else's ass. I can't even talk to her anymore, and really, I don't miss her. Friend, you couldn't put it better. [Ever seen this photograph?](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EgyRzv3UMAAx0yu?format=jpg&name=medium) Spot the difference....I can't find one.


Good for your dad! Sorry for the mistake. I can't see any difference either. There's a reason the Saudis want this to happen, the anti-Semitism angle is what they're really after. That and an authoritarian government.


Careful with that, wouldn't want to be Khashoggi'd by the house of Saud. /s


Well, thank you for restoring a little bit of my faith in the church.


I'm atheist and that post made me feel a little spiritual


I am too, and the whole experience really made me feel good about humanity.


Most humanity is good. It's the hurting ones that tend to stand out the most.


One of my favorite quotes. "God is in charge but he doesn't expect you to lean on your shovel while praying for a hole"


God that's a good quote.


I can't think of a truer Christian than Carter. our greatest ex-president. bar none.


How did she and the others in the class react?


She was sitting behind me, so I couldn't really see her face. But it was church, and a former president was speaking, so everybody just listened respectfully. My cousin and I exchanged glances and tried not to audibly snicker.


It would have been way cooler if everyone reacted like he just dropped the sickest burn in a freestyle rap battle.




“I’m about to end this woman’s career.” -Jimmy Carter


JC (Jimmy carter) shows through actions that 2 hands working does more than 1,000 hands clasped in prayer.


Transcribed: There's a famous story told in chassidic literature that addresses this very question. The master teaches the students that God created everything in the world to be appreciated since everything is here to teach us a lesson. One clever student asks "What lesson can we learn from the atheists? Why did God create them?" The master responds "God created the atheists to teach us the most important lesson of them all -- the lesson of true compassion. You see, when an atheist performs an act of charity, visits someone who is sick, helps someone in need, and cares for the world, he is not doing so because of some religious teaching. He does not believe that God commanded him to perform this act. In fact he does not believe in God at all, so his actions are based on his inner sense of morality. And look at the kindness he could bestow upon others simply because he feels it to be right." This means, the master continued, that when someone reaches out to you for help, you should never say "I'll pray that God will help you." Instead, for that moment you should become an atheist, imagine there is no God who could help, and say "I will help you."


God creates people to teach other people lessons? Kind of like that guy with one arm.


It’s just a fable I stole from Reddit. It isn’t meant to be taken literally. Just to encourage people to think about compassion.


I think he’s dead. Something about leaving the air-conditioner running with the door open...


James 2 14 What does it profit, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can faith save him? 15 If a brother or sister is naked and destitute of daily food, 16 and one of you says to them, “Depart in peace, be warmed and filled,” but you do not give them the things which are needed for the body, what does it profit? 17 Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead. - Also, the Bible says, “True religion is to take care of widows and orphans.” Not just thoughts and prayers. We are to roll our sleeves up and do good.


Jimmy Carter is a saint and should be canonized as such.


He's a treasure!


My respect for him has just grown and grown as I get older. I'd still call him Mr. President. That was fucking le mot juste. That was emptying the barrels in the most peaceful way possible.


Dang, Thug Life Jimmy.


Thank you u/AnalSexWithJews for this wholesome content


I...completely missed that...




I should pay attention to usernames more often


You really shouldn’t though.


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Anything between the hams is fine. Eating the hams themselves? Not fine.


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Hey, as long as its consentual..


It wasn't :(


Say what you want about Jimmy, but I think he was one of the most honest presidents we have ever had. He understood the American people, cared about all Americans. He was progressive before it was cool!




Dude just doesn't give up. got heat stroke while helping build houses as a volunteer (he was about 90 at the time) and was back at it a few days later like it never hurt him. Humans will be humans but his positive traits are many!


What's the over/under on Trump becoming a philanthropist with his time after he's no longer President?


I don't think the bookies want to lose money


Unless you’re a trump casino.


With what money? He's so far in the hole he can't even see the sun.


I’d set it at 100 and take the over


I don’t know what that means, but I’m all in!


You don’t understand the odds but your happy to go all in? Step this way sir...


*I got five on it.*


> got heat stroke while helping build houses as a volunteer Up in Winnipeg no less! How many ex-presidents would go around volunteering to build houses little lone in another country?


Little lone should be "Let alone" btw Bone apple tea :)


He was President in an unfortunate period. I hope history will judge his one term kindly because of the person he was. He's a bit like the opposite of the current one term President, who I think history might judge harshly because of the person he is. It's really good that JC's had these past four decades of being the former President, so the world can see him as a person. A few years from now, people will remember him fondly, the years he was President not as much.


I was not a Jimmy Carter fan when he was President - but I’d take him over trump in a heartbeat! Two big differences- 1) Carter was a nuclear engineer, so unlike the current chimp-like moron - he is smart as hell and 2) his idea of being a good president was to help the American people - not bask in the glory of his own reflection. Edit: BS focused in Engineering and did graduate work in reactor technology and nuclear physics.


He was a *nuclear engineer*?


With a nuclear attack sub named after him.


Not just any sub, a Seawolf class. Those things are badass.


He must be the only nobel peace prize winner who can say that...


It's the only active submarine named after a US president. It's more of a norm to name surface ships after presidents, but this was a good exception. The Jimmy Carter is also one of the most unique hulls. There's only 3 Seawolves, and this one in particularly has a big extra section in the middle.


In the 1950s he was lowered into a nuclear reactor after a partial meltdown to make repairs. Said he had radioactive urine for 6 months after that. He is a badass.


Hell of an origin story right there.


Kind of makes you wonder about his struggles with Cancer. But shit, the guy made it to 96.


According to Wikipedia, his first bout of cancer was in 2015 when he was 90 or 91. At that age, pretty much any kind of cancer would not be considered unusual.


Yep. In the Navy.


Yeah, he is one of the very few students to graduate from Annapolis with no demerits.


Not exactly. He received education in nuclear power while he was in the Navy. He attended several courses on the subject as he commissioned into the Navy when it was pioneering the concept of nuclear submarines. He was never what you would call a nuclear engineer. Still an extremely intelligent guy.


Naval Career He attended Georgia Tech and Georgia Southwestern State University before receiving an appointment to the United States Naval Academy where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in physics in 1946 and is the only graduate of the Naval Academy to become President. Carter finished 59th out of his Academy class of 820. Carter served on surface ships and diesel submarines in the Atlantic and Pacific fleets. As a junior officer, he completed qualification for command of a diesel submarine. He was later selected by Captain (later Admiral) Hyman G. Rickover for the U.S. Navy's fledgling nuclear submarine program. Rickover's demands were legendary, and Carter later said that, next to his parents, Admiral Rickover had the greatest influence on him. Carter often told of being interviewed by Admiral Rickover. He was asked about his rank in his class at the Naval Academy. Carter said "Sir, I graduated 59th out of a class of 820." Rickover only asked "Did you always do your best?" Carter was forced to admit he had not, and the Admiral asked why. Carter later used this as the theme of his presidential campaign and titled his first book Why Not The Best? Carter loved the Navy, and had planned to make it his career. His ultimate goal was to become Chief of Naval Operations. Carter felt the best route for promotion was with submarine duty since he felt that nuclear power would be increasingly used in submarines. During service on the submarine, U.S.S. Pomfret, Carter was almost washed overboard. Carter did post-graduate work, studying nuclear physics and reactor technology for several months at Union College starting in March 1953. This followed Carter's first-hand experience as part of a group of American and Canadian servicemen who took part in cleaning up after a nuclear meltdown at Canada's Chalk River Laboratories reactor. Upon the death of his father in July 1953, however, Lieutenant Carter immediately resigned his commission and was discharged from the Navy on October 9, 1953. This cut short his nuclear power training school, and he was never able to serve on a nuclear submarine, as the first of the fleet was launched January 17, 1955, over a year after his discharge from the Navy. Carter is the first and only {2007} Korean War veteran to be President.


Hmm... Maybe he a nuclear submarine engineer like train drivers are engineers.


Technically no. He got a bachelor's of science from the Georgia Institute of Technology. And then in the Navy he was sent to the Naval Reactors Branch of the Atomic Enegery Comission for 3 months, then later that year was sent to Chalk River after a partial meltdown incident and was involved in dissamebling the damaged reactor. Several months later he enrolled in a 6 month course Nuclear power school, which was meant to teach nuclear power plant operations, his intent was to serve on a Nuclear submarine (specifically the Seawolf laid down in the same year). But his father passed away before it was finished being built and he resigned from the navy to take over the family peanut farm. So technically no, he wasn't a nuclear engineer. But he had a fair bit of schooling and training in and around nuclear reactors.


Funny, they throw around peanut farmer but never hear this


> his idea of being a good president was to help the American people - not bask in the glory of his own reflection. This right fucking here - regardless of what you think of the man and his policies, one thing to me is beyond doubt, and that's the fact that he was deeply committed to doing his best for his country and his fellow citizens. His life since the Presidency has been truly inspiring and further reflects the man that he is.


Exactly, I used to respect the Republican Party because they used to genuinely believe “This is what is best for the American people” they can no longer make that argument. I no longer care about their opinions because they are no longer acting in good faith.


Who would you not take over Trump in a heart beat? Inquiring minds want to know....


You need to be huge asshole to be the US president, that's almost a requirement for the charge. Even Obama, who i consider a great president, was a huge dick. Carter has been one of the few exceptions to this rule, let's hope Biden is too.


Carter didn't fail because he was too nice. He just didn't have the management capacity. That's fine, it's not a bad thing. Not everyone can scale their management experience up to running the massive federal bureaucracy. The biggest reason he failed was that he made a fatal error in declining to have a Chief of Staff for two years. And then when he decided to have one, he made the rookie mistake of picking a good ol' boy from Georgia, Hamilton Jordan, someone who he knew from back home. I wouldn't say this was because he was too nice. Presidents tend to do this if they are coming from outside of Washington and don't trust the people in Washington. Bill Clinton did the same with Mack McLarty The Chief of Staff is called the gatekeeper because you gotta go through them to see the President. And a good Chief of Staff is able to help the President identify their priorities and structure their activity around them, and *keep out* any unnecessary distractions. Without a Chief of Staff for the first two years, and without a good one who could keep the entirety of Washington at bay outside of the Oval Office doors, Carter's presidency was seen as one with a lot of thinking, as Carter is a smart man, but not a lot of doing, as he lacked the administrative capacity to put his thoughts into action. And because of that, he was unable to deal with whatever he might have inherited from Ford and the various other crises he encountered. He even somehow had a contentious relationship Congress, despite having overwhelming Democratic majorities throughout his presidency.


Thanks for this insight. I was born in the early 70s, so I have some memory of him as a president. But, all I was ever told was that he was too much of a nice guy. Now I get it. I didn't know the Chief of Staff story. He IS a nice guy which means he really needs a tough Chief of staff to keep things moving.


>He IS a nice guy which means he really needs a tough Chief of staff to keep things moving. It wasn't that he was too nice, he was regarded as someone who liked to wax philosophical on the issues of the day. Every President needs a tough Chief of Staff to keep things moving and help prioritize, but Carter maybe more than most.


Exactly, it's why you have an enforcer as your second in command. You get to keep the appearance of acting nice, and they're the ones who go out to scream at a congressman on your behalf. "Let me tell you a story about Rahm Emanuel," Massa said on a recent radio program, talking about taking a shower in the Congressional Gym. "I'm sitting there showering, naked as a jaybird, and here comes Rahm Emanuel not even with a towel wrapped around his tush, poking his finger in my chest, yelling at me because I wasn't going to vote for the president's budget. Do you know how awkward it is to have a political argument with a naked man?" That's the kind of guy Carter needed.


Lol Obama's anger translator


No, you don't. Being an asshole alienates potential allies and makes rivals more likely to be successful in exploiting the result. I don't know where people got this idea. It's 100% Grade F garbage. Now, assertive? Absolutely. Decisive? Definitely. There is a difference.


Yeah his supporters love the fact that Trump "tells it like it is" yeah that's great if you agree. Thing is, I have noticed those same people really don't like being told "how it is".


How was Obama a dick?


Expanding the executive office's ability to kill anyone in the world with a drone was a pretty big dick move.


The CIA has been doing those high-value target assassination for a long time now. I don't think Obama was a dick for it, he simply made it more transparent. Not that it's morally acceptable, but accountability should be attributed for those killings.


This. Obama made a ton of things transparent and tried to keep people honest (fiduciary rule). Our current idiot president has rolled back both of those laws.


The same Obama that expanded the NSA spying program and then refused to let Edward Snowden come home after he blew the whistle on the whole thing?


Lyndon B Johnson was a colossal dick and his whole stance was bringing in a giant wave if progressive reform to fix America's poverty problem.


Not a shot was fired on his watch. He was in office during the energy crisis, so his fate was kinda sealed. The helicopter crash in the desert didn't help him either.


> Not a shot was fired on his watch I had to look this up because it seemed implausible, but at least perusing the foreign policy section of the Wikipedia entry regarding his Presidency, I don't see any offensive military operations of note. Granted had the rescue helicopters made it to their destination there was going to be a firefight, but still. I'm also sure that the CIA kept doing CIA things during his Presidency, but even acknowledging that it's still a pretty remarkable record.




True, but honestly I think Americans having to wait in long gas lines was the nail in his coffin. His crisis of conscience speach which I personally I loved, but likely seemed very defeatist to many Americans.


>honestly I think Americans having to wait in long gas lines was the nail in his coffin. 100% correct. We don't really care about sponsoring death overseas. We've been doing that in every administration since Carter (and many before) and it's never ended a modern presidency.


He never stood a chance at reelection because of the political nature of Reagan-loving Baby Boomers.




Watch Jimmy Carter Rock and Roll President, just saw it today - highly recommend


Carter might not have been the best President, but he might be the best man that was President.


Not even going political. What a great fucking dude.


Yes, he is a blessing!


A National and World Wide treasure. If there was a picture to define a really decent human be8ng, his photo would be it.


Exactly true. He was president at a tough economic time and micromanaged things a bit too much, but he truly cares about all people with zero judgment. He produced the Camp David Accords and brought decency back to the White House. I met him and his wife in the 90s...shared two flights from Riyadh-Zurich-Atlanta. He talked with everyone on board and it was heartfelt. Probably made the flights go faster fir him too, but I was impressed. All of his work furthering democracy worldwide and fighting homelessness in the US set a superior example for all former heads of state. We need more like Jimmy Carter.


The last living president from the Cold War. I wish I knew more about him. What I do know was how gracious he was to being beaten massively in the 1980 election, immediately congratulating Reagan.


He was the one who got the hostages home. Just didn’t get the credit. I read an article once where he knew were getting high on the roof of the White House (willie Nelson did it once he said) and he said they’re just being young people and leave them alone. When I read about that I thought what an awesome place to get baked and with the presidential seal to boot.


He was too honest to be President, really. What a great man he is. I like to call myself a rabid atheist. I hate religion and mistrust the religious. But Jimmy Carter is a Christian who talks the talk and walks the walk. He's Mr. Rogers if the White House was in the neighborhood. He's just a great, great man. As you may or may not know, his siblings all died of cancer at a fairly young age. Jimmy beat cancer at a great age and I kind of believe it's his reward for how good he is.


if only we were all half the human he is. truly a national hero and treasure.


Conservative here. I agree with you 100%. I say he's the most successful "former" president we've had.


Met President Carter myself as a young child at one of his book signings my mother brought me to. His demeanor was so pure and the energy he gave off to even myself at a young age was almost magical. He smile was charming and he spoke to me like I was family. He told me, he could tell I was a bright young man and would do great things in my life. I’m 26 and haven’t done shit with my life but damn that made me feel good for a while!


Well, as Jimmy told a young volunteer building stud walls with Carter at a Habitat for Humanity house, "hit the damn thing". I have found his sage advice applies to more than just troublesome nails.


Working on it, I’ve got a few ideas and I’ve committed myself to a career of improving peoples lives but haven’t had the resources until recently. In due time it will come.


Maybe its time to start.


I know very little about Carter’s policies, but I always really liked him. He pardoned my grandpa because he was a draft dodger. He is also just a really good person.


*We kept our country at peace. We never went to war. We never dropped a bomb. We never fired a bullet. But still we achieved our international goals. We brought peace to other people, including Egypt and Israel. We normalized relations with China, which had been non-existent for 30-something years. We brought peace between US and most of the countries in Latin America because of the Panama Canal Treaty. We formed a working relationship with the Soviet Union.* —Jimmy Carter CNN is airing a cool documentary about him his week: [Rock and Roll President](https://edition.cnn.com/2020/12/29/us/gallery/jimmy-carter-rock-and-roll-president-cnn-films/index.html).


He was also strongly against Nixon's drug war and put solar panels on the White House. His problem was that presidents pass their legislative agenda by working with Congress, and Carter had no idea how to make that process function. It's all unwritten rules and back-room handshakes that he didn't know how to navigate. Add to that the unfortunate position of being president during a major inflationary recession and having Iran decide to kidnap a bunch of Americans (and suspiciously release them the exact day that Reagan was inaugurated... remember that Reagan's administration would later get in trouble for their back-room dealings with Iran) and no one was going to remember him for the good things he supported/did.




George bush who was head of the CIA at the time actively tried sabotaging the Iran negotiations to swing the election.


He is a good person. He hurt himself just a few years ago and still showed up to help build homes for other people. As like an 80 or 90 year old man. That's Mr. Rogers-tier commitment to helping people. Carter doesn't have anything to prove to anyone. He does it because he gives a shit.


The older I get the more I realize we need more leaders like Carter, regardless of what you have to say about his POTUS tenure, this man walks his talk.


[Here](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CnVa68NWcAI5-Wx?format=jpg&name=orig) is a less cropped version of this image. [Here](https://twitter.com/ABCWorldNews/status/753608484281868288) is the source. Per there: > @ABCWorldNews > 10-year-old cancer survivor granted wish to meet his namesake: President Jimmy Carter. > 11:13 AM · Jul 14, 2016 The full story can be found [here](https://www.yahoo.com/gma/10-old-cancer-survivior-granted-wish-meet-namesake-160107461--abc-news-wellness.html?cid=abcn_tco).


Thank you. I was wondering why this was the wish of a 10yo haha


If anyone wanted to know why without clicking: > He said, ‘Mom, I figured it out. I want to meet President Jimmy Carter,’” Beckhard-Suozzi recalled. **“When I asked why, he said, ‘We have three things in common. We have the same name. We both have survived cancer and we both love helping people.’”**


This kid is smart. I probably would have wished for a trip to Disney. He now gets to know what’s on page 47 in the presidential book




/r/titlegore I thought Carter had cancer.


I was 7 years old on the run up to the 1980 election. I remember watching a commercial with President Carter sitting at a desk, telling the American people that the last four years were very difficult but together we can make the next four years better. I remember connecting with him through the TV and really feeling that he was a good man. I mention to my parents how I liked Carter and hoped he would win. My dad responded with "Naw, Jimmy Carter is terrible. We need to get him out of office." Young me was confused on how this seemingly good man was bad for the country. Turns out I was right. Carter is a good man and Regan was straight trash.


I mean absolutely everything that's going wrong with this country can be traced straight back to the Reagan Revolution. Also they robbed Carter of the election by making sure the Iranians held onto American hostages until after the election. Straight up traitors. [https://www.nytimes.com/2019/12/29/world/middleeast/shah-iran-chase-papers.html](https://www.nytimes.com/2019/12/29/world/middleeast/shah-iran-chase-papers.html)


I agree. Reagan is the one that spearheaded the whole sale destruction of labor unions and deregulation of the economy. Pretty much the final nail in the coffin for the New Deal era policies championed by FDR that brought so much prosperity to the average American. Fuck Reagan.


He let one of his best friends die of AIDS and wouldn't help because Nancy didn't want to be associated with AiDS in any fashion.


Meanwhile Princess Diana said "fuck it, imma shake hands with people with AIDS to show everyone they're a bunch of morons"


Wow, what vile people. It's a shame how Reagan is idolized.


All this is exactly true.


The last sort of decent republican we have had was Obama.


Bill Clinton was the best republican president this country has ever had! Edit: Well, the past century. I always forget Lincoln was a Republican.




Reagan is the reason why politicians aren’t for the people anymore and are for profit.


Baby Boomers voting selfishly for their own interests ever since the 1980 election.


They eventually came around. I think my Dad voted for Bush but did not vote for Trump in 2016 or this year. My Mom has been voting for the Dems for decades now.


My grandfather is one of the few who voted solidly Republican **until** Reagan. Worked a lot with the homeless and saw the devastation that those policies caused. Became progressively more liberal from there until he passed away in the 90s.


I wish this were true, but 70 million people still voted for Trump, and turnout is higher among older folks. Many, many boomers still support Trump. My parents didn’t like him in 2016, but Fox News is strong with the brainwashing game and they certainly voted for him in 2020. As with many American Christians, they don’t care that he’s a horrible, narcissistic monster; they think God works through him.


Honestly, I am shocked to learn that there are 10yo's that now who Carter is.


You wouldn't know without the original article but the President is his namesake so I'm pretty sure the boy heard who he was named after once or twice in his young life. :) Otherwise agreed entirely


They named their kid President Carter?


The weirder part is they named his brother Ayatollah Khomeini


In my high school conference that was one kid named Lyndon Johnson and another Kid name John Kennedy. So when their teams played each other the announcer would go of his way to use their names together. "Lyndon Johnson in on the tackle of John Kennedy".


One of my favorite things I’ve ever heard came from Carter. It’s so difficult to understand how humanity has progressed so much in technology but fallen behind on common sense, and true compassion and understanding. Check out this excerpt from his speech titled Crisis of Confidence https://youtu.be/dedzkxCQOag Full speech https://youtu.be/KCOd-qWZB_g


I remember the Christian right skewering him for his honesty. They absolutely hated it when he admitted to having human foibles. >explaining the Christian concept of sin and redemption, that God had forgiven him even though he had committed “lust in his heart.” And because it appeared in the November issue of the soft-core pornography publication *Playboy*, Carter’s reference to sex became all anyone could talk about. -- [https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/interview-playboy-magazine-nearly-torpedoed-jimmy-carters-presidential-campaign-180975576/](https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/interview-playboy-magazine-nearly-torpedoed-jimmy-carters-presidential-campaign-180975576/) Compare that to Trump saying "And when you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab 'em by the pussy. You can do anything." To them, Trump was a veritable King David.


Remember Reagan deploying Nixon’s “southern strategy” and even upgraded that with Evangelical, Fundamentalist lobbyists and GOP congressmen.


This image of evangelical leaders laying hands on Trump in the oval office is sickening, especially considering how he mocks them behind their backs: [https://a57.foxnews.com/static.foxnews.com/foxnews.com/content/uploads/2019/11/640/320/PastorsprayforTrump1.jpg?ve=1&tl=1](https://a57.foxnews.com/static.foxnews.com/foxnews.com/content/uploads/2019/11/640/320/PastorsprayforTrump1.jpg?ve=1&tl=1)


I hate people


"what are you going to do now that you beat cancer? Disneyland? World Series?" "I want to fulfill my childhood dream of meeting the oldest surviving former US president!" I imagine this is exactly how it went down.


The kid was named after him


> “He said, ‘Mom, I figured it out. I want to meet President Jimmy Carter,’” Beckhard-Suozzi recalled. “When I asked why, he said, ‘We have three things in common. We have the same name. We both have survived cancer and we both love helping people.’” > Carter added today, “A fourth reason is that he was president of the United States and I was co-president of my school.” [(Source)](https://gma.yahoo.com/10-old-cancer-survivior-granted-wish-meet-namesake-160107461--abc-news-wellness.html) I don’t know about you, but I would’ve taken meeting someone as prestigious as Jimmy Carter over hurling all day at some amusement park - especially after such a battle. Which experience do you think would stick more? Honestly, not every kid wants to just go to Disneyland - that feels more like a consolation prize for cancer survival. I’m sure his parents elaborated on his namesake, but the kid seems pretty smart from what he’s quoted saying.


What if he was asked to meet Carter after beating cancer? The wording didn’t specify lol


The sheer joy in his face says everything you need to know about this great man.


That probably made his day. He's just sitting in his house and he gets a phone call or something and there like "Hey there's this 10 y/o kid who wants to use his make a wish to meet you"


Imagine Jimmy's delight when he learned a child wanted to meet him. Not that he is irrelevant or anything, but he isn't president anymore and he isn't a media sensation. Most people don't even know he's still alive, and this kid who isn't even old enough to vote, wanted to meet him. I think that's really cool. Jimmy has really kept up on his passions and helping others and I think that speaks volumes to the kind of person he really is.


username really throws off the wholesome nature of the post lol


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Look at that smile on the presidents face. He looks over the moon to meet that kid!!


I want to be that happy about something again. That look on his face is so full of joy.


When Donald Trump is retired, I bet MAGA kids will ask him to drool on their guns...


And hell do it for $50




I listened to his most recent autobiography last year (I think it's called, "A Life". Read by the author, it's an incredible book. The finest president this country has had in modern times. The machine did him dirty. His presidency is a glimpse into what we could have been, had we chosen the correct path. Alas, we did not.


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Jimmy Carter is a good example of how a president should act post-presidency. True legend, the day he passes away will be a sad one.


Jimmy Carter 2024! /s obviously


Best president in my life. My how things have changed for his reputation.


While cool, that's got to be an odd request from a ten year old. Most ten year Olds have never heard of him outside a small bit of American presidents history.


I thought to myself, "so wholesome" until I saw the username


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I love that Carter looks even happier than the child


Are you watching, America ? This is how a President should act.


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