Missing Indonesian submarine: rescuers find unidentified object as oxygen runs out | Indonesia

Missing Indonesian submarine: rescuers find unidentified object as oxygen runs out | Indonesia


The US maintains a global network of subsurface listening stations . In all likelihood, they have already shared data with Indonesia that tells analysts (from crush sounds) whether the sub is likely intact or not.


The sub had a collapse depth at 657 feet (200 meters) Its believed to be at a depth of around 2000 feet. I know nothing about subs but sadly I think This sub may have been crushed already.


Slightly related aside: When I was in the US Navy, we were given extra shore leave if we spotted a submarine. Even one of our own. Those things are incredibly difficult to see, even very close to the surface. This also added incentive to be extra attentive on watch. In my years, I only ever met one guy who had successfully spotted one. And that, somehow was one of our own. At night, which seems impossible, but was confirmed by fleet command.


How to find a submarine, that was designed to not be found. The only way I can imagine is if the crew is alive making noise for underwater microphones to pick it up. Why isn't there something like an emergency drone that when launched goes straight up until it reaches the surface and transmits it's current position, and the depth it was launched from?


US submarines are equipped with a beacon that works very similar to how you describe. IIRC, it launches if the boat exceeds a set depth or if a timer runs out without being reset by the Auxiliary Electrician Forward.


The automated launch is super smart.


The question is why isn't this a feature on all submarines? If redditors can foresee this as a solution to a realistic problem, surely submarine designers all over the world would have considered this.


Many submarines do have a SEPIRB. This would be manually launched in the event of some sort of casualty that leaves the vessel unable to surface.


Do you know if this sub had any type of device like that?


Or look for that oil slick again... such things are not a good sign.


I think I missed news about the oil spill. If it was from then I agree.


They mentioned sighting an oil slick on the surface of the ocean where it was to have dove... it's been several days. Also, remember, they were ***'testing'*** a torpedo just before complete silence from the sub. I do not think that test went well.


Horrible! I am so sorry for their families. I really wish the world would not need militaries preparing to fight each other. As if we didn't alrrady have enough problems with the pandemic and climate crisis.


No. It was a torpedo ***drill*****.** That pretty much means they weren't "testing a torpedo". During a drill you go through all the motions of firing without firing because ya know, its a torpedo. More than likely one of their ballast hatches was stuck open during the dive and couldnt stop the descent or the bilge pumps aren't functioning so they couldn't pump the water out to surface.


Sounds like it was ***real enough***...


They seem to be looking for an intact sub, do they know if its still on one piece?


There's only a time limit if it's in one piece. If it's in lots they have all the time they want


I was visiting a submarine open day many years ago. I walked along the outside but when I got to the hatch all my internal warning signals went off and I just couldn't make myself go down the ladder. Even tied up at the dock on a bright sunny day. I would freak out if we were actually going anywhere under water. And being depth charged like in Das Boot...And being stuck on the bottom in the cold and dark as the air runs out. Screw everything about that. Submarines - not even once.


It doesn't sound good. They would be well past crush depth


Another thread said they weren’t 🤷‍♂️


The confusion is because it's an old sub and original manufactured crush depth vs current operational crush depth, iirc it's only been tested recently to 250 or so metres, originally had a 500m crush depth 40-50 year old sub


Yeah... the sub had a collapse depth of 656 feet. It’s probably at about 2000 feet now. I don’t think the sub could keep its shape at that depth. https://www.usatoday.com/in-depth/graphics/2021/04/22/missing-indonesian-navy-submarine-rescue-effort-oxygen/7333074002/


Why would they use such and old sub? Surely it’s technology is already obsolete and must be expensive to maintain


Its probably been updated quite a bit since then internally and especially the torpedos and whatnot but the external structure no so much Also, its Indonesia, they're not exactly running about with brand new nuclear subs


Additionally, a sub that functions at even a few hundred meters is perfectly fine unless there's a problem. As effective as just about any other sub in combat.


I mean, it's not *that* old. It was launched in 1980, and we have several Los Angeles-class subs running around that were launched just a few years later (1984 onward). Plus it looks like this one underwent a major overhaul in South Korea from 2010-2012.


When the San Juan imploded didn't they pick up the sound on one of those hydrophones, they seem super sensitive in picking up sound even when miles away from the area the sound came from, if they did implode I'm sure they would have heard it?


These things don't have emergency buoys? Like in emergency events they just release and float to the surface to indicate the location of the sub.




There are not that many countries that have the tech to search for a missing sub. Those that have might not want to reveal their capabilities.


It helps if you read the article: > Indonesia said several countries had responded to requests for assistance, with Malaysia and Singapore sending ships, and Australia offering “help in any way we can”. The US defence department was sending “airborne assets” to assist in the submarine search, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said on Twitter.




But they are the nearest and/or richest. I doubt Albania will be sending help any time soon.


The Mongolian navy will be sending all of its assets to assist




To be fair if you have too many countries trying to help it could pose more of a risk towards the searchers since collisions could occur.


India is helping. If Japan and Korea have any assets that may be of assistance, they will likely offer their help, too. Other nations probably don't have the right assets in the area to help. Anti Submarine Warfare usually detects subs by noise they make, or while they're close to the surface. An unmoving sub laying on the seafloor in a few hundred meters of water is almost impossible to detect.


This article didn’t include all of the countries that either are helping or offered help. The Wiki says this: _On 22 April, at approximately 14:15 WIB (07:15 UTC),[47] the Indian Navy announced their deep-submergence rescue vehicle (DSRV) had departed naval facilities at Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, en route to the search area.[48] U.S. Department of Defense press secretary John Kirby stated that the department was sending airborne assets to assist in the search.[36] Achmad Riad stated that the U.S. was sending P-8 Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft.[49] On 23 April, Commander Australian Fleet Rear Admiral Mark Hammond announced that HMAS Ballarat and HMAS Sirius will join the search operation.[50] Other nations, including Germany, France, Russia, Turkey, and Thailand, have offered assistance._


Not to sound morbid but let's say we find them. What are the options for rescue? Can this be done?


There are special submarine rescue teams. NATO has a pretty cool setup. https://youtu.be/K3A0PVk4prM https://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/The-Fleet/Submarines/~/media/Files/Navy-PDFs/The-Fleet/Fighting-Units/Submarines/NSRS%20Factsheet.pdf


The closest vessel with a DRSV from Singapore will only reach on Saturday.


Odds are against them, but here's hoping any remaining crew can conserve their drinking water and oxygen supplies.


Would the submarine be highly magnetic?


Major powers switched to titanium hulls; I’m unable to find the hull type for this particular submarine, though.


Yes, submarines are absolutely magnetic. It’s actually one of their biggest issues as far as hiding them goes.




My guy. These are real human lives at risk here.