Capitol Rioter Seen in Horned Hat, Carrying Spear Arrested: US Attorney

Capitol Rioter Seen in Horned Hat, Carrying Spear Arrested: US Attorney


Arrest Baked Alaska already.


He was COVID positive when he attended the riot


And probably on the plane etc.


*Making movements, making coups, and spreading covid 'round the world!*


I'm sure he was the only one....


And he was just straight screaming the whole time


Had to Google who the hell he was. Fucker was diagnosed with covid during the invasion of the Capitol. What an asshole.


> This article is about the dessert. For the neo-Nazi political activist, see Baked Alaska (activist). Thanks Wikipedia.




The irony is that fewer of them would have been caught, and they would've had some plausible deniability, if they WORE A GOD DAMN MASK.


Well you see, if they wore a mask they actually would have been tracked by Jeff Sorosburg putting microchips in the mask air particles


Unfortunately they don’t only infect specific demographics. It’s going to be a super-spreader event that will lead to many uninvolved people getting infected..


They serve milk in prison don't they? He won't have problems adjusting.


He’s already been arrested if I’m not mistaken.


Must have been hard to identify him 🧐




But I thought he was Antifa! That highly cropped photo of him (counter protesting) at a BLM March proved it!


I had a neck beard with two imaginary masters degrees, telling me to get ‘red pilled’ while showing me two Twitter pics of him at BLM rallies and a photo of the tats on his hand to prove he was really antifa all along. These people can’t be reasoned with.


I absolutely love the rights "they're antifa" response. Imagine it, you've repped for Trump for 4 years, you bought all the merch, you chanted all the chants, you went to the rallies, you attacked the Capital to overturn a legal election so Trump would stay president. Now your favorite media is calling you antifa or a crisis actor. I'm so full I might explode if I eat any more, but damn it it tastes so good.


The day of the dull knives.






Beer Belly Putsch


The dude with the face paint and horned helmet (Jake Angeli AKA Q Shaman) was just whining about that! [https://www.sfgate.com/news/editorspicks/article/q-shaman-us-capitol-antifa-matt-gaetz-15852663.php](https://www.sfgate.com/news/editorspicks/article/q-shaman-us-capitol-antifa-matt-gaetz-15852663.php) He was one of the most photographed people during the sedition. Then they IMMEDIATELY threw his ass under the bus and called him Antifa. Angeli kept tweeting at Lin Wood and others to "Look it up! I'm not Antifa! I fought against BLM in Phoenix..." He also calls himself a 'digital soldier' in case you need more evidence he's an idiot.


Thank Me For My Digital Service


Never forget the Twitter Wars of 2020


He was awarded the Purple Thumb for his injuries.




It was totally antifa and BLM but also it was justified and liberty tree quenching. Sedition, it's got what trees crave, apparently.


Dude, we in Antifa get a new tattoo every time we murder an unborn baby during every satanic ritual.


How do you even still have space for new tats then? Or do you just shed your skin? Hmm...


Look at this non-lizard person wondering where the new skin comes from


*laughs in demonrat*


That reminds me, I need to schedule my "Rigged My First Election" tat


My Soros check never cleared so I am 2 tattoos behind right now.


Lol; go visit r/conservative. They are equating trumps removal from Twitter to hitlers rise in power. The democrats being hitler of course. Ha


"One side has literal neo-nazis and white supremacists breaching a government building to disrupt a fair democratic election from transferring power, the other side blocked a guy on twitter. Clearly the twitter blocking is far more Nazi-ish!!!" - r/conservative


I’ve never heard of this sub before, but as someone who considers themselves conservative, god these people are dumbfucks. Like I don’t even feel like I can call myself conservative or Republican anymore because they’ve collectively turned both terms into a dumpster fire.


i think this is largely why most people should avoid political discussions based on position rather than subjects. it's much easier to have a conversation based on an idea rather than some amalgamation of concepts and principals that no two people can agree with the definition. the two party system is shit and people that vote purely on a color need to take a step back


it got an influx of crazy from r/donaldtrump getting shut down


Yeah everyone seems to equate the opposite political spectrum or anyone they hate to Hitler. In reality, there was only and will ever be only one Hitler, and that mans name is James Harden.


Had a dude on Facebook post that picture. Someone else posted the uncropped version. He followed that up with “my mistake but there were lots of of Antifa members there.” We asked for a source and he said sources don’t matter anymore. Galaxy brained shit right there.


Have a right wing uncle, used to send me crazy stuff. He would argue about the facts about every point I would try and refute. Even if I won and proved his email was just lies he would say it was all just for jokes and even if it was wrong it feels true. Pointless to engage one on one with these people, however if you have an audience you can help to influence, may be worth it.


same with a Qanon coworker I had. she'd sent me a series pictures of dead children "proving" the existence of cannibalistic satanist rituals. within 2 hours I had debunked every single picture and shown her where these pictures actually originated from (one was an art exhibit, one was from a serial killer in south-east asia, the rest were victims of the Syrian gas attack). she responded with "it was just an example" she was too far gone. wish I knew that before I wasted literal months trying to be reasonable with her, thinking maybe I could convince her by continually debunked everything she threw at me, but it just made her more convinced that everything was a conspiracy.


Everything is a lie except for random, unsourced information from some stranger on a website.


>he said sources don’t matter anymore. Wow. I never even considered that there could be a counter argument worse than "find it yourself, I'm not holding your hand" in response to "please provide even one tiny speck of credible evidence."


My MIL reshared it so it must be!


MILs are great resources for the uneducated sheep like us. Mine recently said you can tell it was Antifa because real patriots wear colors and a lot of the terrorists were wearing black. Oh, and some of them didn't look like Trump supporters. I'm just too communist to have the keen Trump supporter discernment she has.


Heard a fox news suggestion that a small group of antifa led the trump supporters into mistakenly rioting into the halls of congress. Basically suggesting trump supporters are as dumb as domestic livestock. I don't normally believe fox news, but maybe this time ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


How the fuck were they all able to walk away even?


I literally don’t understand why there weren’t mass arrests at airports. Would have been easy pickings.


Imagine if they were all brown people with middle eastern clothing. All of DC would have been on lockdown immediately. Remember the search for the Boston bombers? How crazy that shit was? Imagine that x100.


I was living in Boston at the time and my partner worked for mayor Menino. Early that morning, I had to drive him to work because the T was all shut down and it would be my only chance to get him there. After that, total ghost town. I was in East Boston, near the airport and it was totally silent. They locked that city up so quickly.


And you cant even say it was a non violent protest, they murdered a police officer. And cops still let them walk away.


Don’t forget the homemade napalm and pipe bombs they found near the Capitol.


And zip ties and they constructed a noose. Why do you need zip ties with you?


They weren’t even zip ties, they were zip tie hand cuffs, the same the cops use to mass detain people.


Not only that, if you see the other photos of Eric Munchel (one of the two men carrying zip-tie hand-cuffs, specifically the one in dark tactical gear climbing over the seats) he has a pistol on him, and there's a video of him enterring the building where the police officer holding the door open for him on the right side, potentially granting him a view of the pistol, says, "I don't agree with it but I respect it" (or something to that effect). So he was armed, too, and the officer could have seen the weapon and chose to welcome him in. Shameful.


I remember the lockdown after the Boston bombings. It was surreal to see the city so dead and the atmosphere in the city was so tense . Scary seeing massive military vehicles all over town too. It blows my mind that people stormed the fucking capitol with guns and the response wasn’t even 1/4 as intense as that.


And these fucks literally had a van full of explosives and guns AT THE BUILDING


They should have been herded into police vans as they were exitted from the Capitol.


More effort was spent corralling (and ARRESTING) BLM protestors trying to leave BEFORE a curfew than these terrorists after the curfew was started. Edited to add: (and ARRESTING)


They literally assaulted an Australian news crew live on-air in their frenzy while trying to clear the crowds near Lafayette square, pre-curfew!


Remember when CNN's new crew was arrested live on-air for covering police brutality protests?


Yep. And you could see they freaking loved doing it.


Remember at some of the BLM/Police Brutality protests over the summer, after police cleared protest areas, when they would slash the tires of cars in the area to prevent ‘criminals’ from leaving? Hundreds of trumpers parked their shit mobiles on protected national park land for wednesday and nothing happened to them, no towing and probably not even ticketed... Good times


1/6 was an inside job.


>1/6 was an inside job. The capital police who opened the barricades and doors, took selfies with, let them freely go on their way, etc.. should be arrested.


Turned down multiple offers of extra staff from the DC Police, FBI, and the National Guard in the days leading up to it too.




I still do not get one thing. Okay, he's a Furry. Okay he identifies as a bison. Okay, that's fine. I can even accept that in his best bison furry way he thinks committing terrorism is okay. What I do not understand, and maybe you all can help me out, is why he painted the French flag on his face. Edited to add: I apologize if I offended anyone in the Furry community. I have no beef with you and you all seem like a really nice group of people.


When we were on death’s door, when we were needy. We made a promise, we signed a treaty. We needed guns and money and half a chance. Uh, who provided those funds? (France)


Vive la révolution!


Vive Getty!


Probably an allusion to the French Revolution, which most people boil down to, "the people rising up and overthrowing a uncaring elite", which is probably what these people saw themselves as doing.


Imagine supporting DONALD TRUMP in an effort to overthrow “the out of touch elites.”


Hilarious, because of this WAS Revolutionary-era France, Fat Don, Don Jr, Eric and Melania’s heads’ would be doubtlessly lying in blood-splattered baskets by now. *sigh* oh well.


I saw a video of him rambling before the attack and this man is so deeply brainwashed I couldn’t even follow what he was saying. No matter if it was him being brainwashed or doing the brainwashing, he needs to get out of the public eye.


Every single person who was part of that mob is brainwashed. Tens of millions of people are Edit: With a few people people mixed in looking to cause shit


I know a large number of Trump supporters (about 200 or so). About 20% of them are at the level of QAnon refuse to believe anything deep state level. About 40% are misinformed by poor information and Facebook hoaxes and when I correct them they start talking about Obama or Hillary. The other 40% are willfully ignorant, don't follow the news, don't even really do Facebook. They're just voting and parroting things their friends say because it's now a requirement to stay in that social circle.


This reads like you could be talking about Trump....lol.


Jacob Chansley aka this guy with the horns, stated on a phone call with the FBI “that he came as a part of a group effort, with other “patriots” from Arizona, at the request of the President that all “patriots” come to D.C. on January 6, 2021,” per a complaint unsealed today.


Most of these idiots are too stupid to not understand that they will be implicating Trump and Rudy in the crime of inciting a riot. It will be like "The president said that the election was stolen and that we had to do something about it and that he would be walking with us to the Capitol. So on the president's orders we went in there to make sure Pence did the right thing and overturned the election one way or another."


> a group effort [...] at the request of the President Sounds like a criminal conspiracy to me.


sedition led by the president.


Aren't those literally the charges being brought against Trump on Monday? It would be the happiest day of my life to see Trump go down not for tax evasion, corruption, or anything people expected, but for SEDITION AGAINST THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Literally a traitor. Fingers crossed they can at least get the impeachment done if not the conviction. Just getting this on record is worth doing.




>Aren't those literally the charges being brought against Trump on Monday? Article of impeachment don't use to the word "sedition" but it does contain a definition for: "Willfully inciting violence against the government of the United States" Page 2 Line 15-16 [https://www.scribd.com/document/490165056/Articles-of-Impeachment-Incitement-of-Insurrection-pdf-4#from\_embed](https://www.scribd.com/document/490165056/Articles-of-Impeachment-Incitement-of-Insurrection-pdf-4#from_embed)


The noose tightens. Eleven more days.


Here's something else. https://twitter.com/golub/status/1347861567090659328?s=19


Yep and there it is. How many Russian or any other foreign agents were in that mob? And god only knows what they were able to get access to. Edit: he is potentially a Ukrainian journalist. My point still stands about foreign agents being in that mob.


Why is this not being talked about!


If true, the three letter agencies are probsbly busy researching this. But they probably want to limit the 'Trump didn't do anything, the Chinese/Russians escalated everything' excuse. Not being talked about is not the same as not on the radar. Also, this could very easily be a case of mistaken identity/Photoshop.


At 2:40 there is a legitimate Russian Agent at this Proud Boy rally talking about how great Putin is. She’s a super attractive model, and probably some type of recruiter. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8DyTXpnFpZU&ab_channel=AllGasNoBrakes


An attractive chick with a heavy Russian accent praising Putin on camera? Seriously, they aren't even trying to be subtle anymore.


The one girl said “being a trump supporter is way more punk rock than supporting sleepy Joe”, as she holds a blue line flag. Punk rock hates cops though lmao


It is. There was at least one laptop stolen and god only knows what else. Papers were scattered and stuff was trashed, so it will be hard to assess what got stolen or compromised. The secure storage area for computers and shit did not get breached, however. They’re going to sweep the building for bugs and have to assume that foreign agents had their way with it all. It’s been in the news.


A conspiracy that resulted in a murder.


RICO murder charge involving the president? SPICY!!!!!


I would call that treason


[Relevant Trump Tweet](https://mobile.twitter.com/realdonaldtrump?lang=en)


Never gets old. Edit: it’ll probably get old soon.


Direct quote from this Yahoo: “The fact that we had a bunch of our traitors in office hunker down, put on their gas masks and retreat into their underground bunker, I consider that a win,” Sounds like a pretty clear goal of terrorizing their political enemies...


“I consider that a win.” Really? Because they got their president banned from social media, were labeled flight risks, are being tracked down by the FBI, got some of their own killed, kind of just milled about after breaking in, and to add insult to injury have been called antifa crisis actors by other Trump supporters. They sound like losers to me.


Sounds like a big fat L to me


For once in their life they are famous, their names printed in media, they dont care why. For them it’s a win, like school shooters or other terrorists. Don’t argue with logic with these losers. for the first time in their life they feel important and having done something extraordinary .


>for the first time in their life they feel important and having done something extraordinary . Bingo. These people will crow "Facts don't care about your feelings" all day, but the truth is that they consider their feelings more important than facts. The *fact* is that they lost, big time, and they will go down in history for this in the worst possible way. But *they feel* like they won, for now, because they're getting all the attention and notoriety they've craved. They won't realize the truth until it catches up to them--which it will, very soon.


They learned from Trump that you claim every move you make is an overwhelming victory, no matter what. Apparently they thought they were as untouchable as Trump has been the last 4 years.


Hence why they are terrorists and not protestors like all media outlets insist on calling them.


I think more are calling them "rioters" or "domestic terrorists" now


Parade Demonstration Protest Riot (we are around here) Insurrection Civil War Eagles Game




Does any other city grease up their lamp posts to prevent people from climbing them after a game, or just philly?


And we still climb those fucking poles. Grease can’t stop the Philly spirit.


I was impressed when I read that. Disgusted, but still impressed. That's some read dedication to jackassery.




I’ll get my batteries


That all checks out. Go Birds.


I’ve heard them called “pro-Trump extremists” and a “mob” by some respected down-the-middle news outlets.


NPR, which is a fairly mild news source overall, has used the term Insurrectionist pretty continuously. Seems like the appropriate term.


I like that they basically hold their own trial.


He also literally told the FBI he was there. Shut the fuck up and get a lawyer you stupid fuck. "Yeah I was there!"


Not that shutting his mouth would be pointless from a legal perspective, but it's pretty hard to deny your participation when you show up shirtless and covered in tattoos.


An attorney might argue that he was swept up with the crowd regrets his actions in hopes of getting some leniency in sentencing. Running his mouth off like that displayed he knowingly committed a crime without remorse. Edit: He is guilty af. I’m pointing out what a person in his situation should do regardless of the crime, be it b & e, murder, or sedition. If you are a suspect and there’s mountains of evidence, it’s best to turn yourself in with an attorney or request one when you surrender. Most importantly, let your attorney speak for you


Yeah, except he took an exuberant photo op in the middle of the rotunda. Doesn't exactly speak to "I got shoved in here by mistake."


He looked positively ecstatic in every picture I've seen. Guy got off on it.


I'm especially glad to see this nut job get arrested ~~caught~~. I hope all these fucks don't just get a slap on the wrist. edit: he turned himself in so not technically caught.


I hope Trump doesn't start pardoning them.


Apparently anyone formerly in the military can be recalled to active duty. Then be court marshalled. Colin Powell has suggested this about Mike Flynn. Edit: apparently there are restrictions on recalling former military, however what Colin Powell said about Mike Flynn can definitely be done


That would be delicious. So, last time I checked, the military wasn't particularly lenient for those committing treason.


I am pretty sure he'll pardon himself and his demon spawn, as for these guys I'm not sure. He doesn't care about them and he has plenty more idiots in his flock willing to step in. Hopefully he will abandon them like the vile douche he is.


I heard he got really sad because he thought they were “low class”. Dumb doesn’t like things that are low class so he will probably just forget about these terrorists.


Indeed. [From *The Washington Post:*](https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/trump-rage-riot/2021/01/07/26894c54-5108-11eb-b96e-0e54447b23a1_story.html) >Instead of exercising his commander-in-chief duties to help protect the Capitol from an attempted insurrection, Trump watched the attack play out on television. Though not necessarily enjoying himself, he was “bemused” by the spectacle because he thought his supporters were literally fighting for him, according to a close adviser. But, this person said, he was turned off by what he considered the “low-class” spectacle of people in ragtag costumes rummaging through the Capitol. (I've posted this in several other threads, so my apologies if you've already seen it. But I think it's an amazing illustration of the real relationship between him and his worshipers.)


Low class, says the well done steak with ketchup eating, daughter lusting, orange skinned, comb over guy.




Gold plated and marble covered. Nothing is ever real in the trump empire.


I highly doubt it's gold plating - maybe gold leaf, probably gold paint.


Probably gold shimmer spray paint.


And yet he serves McDonald's to his guests at the Whitehouse.


Only if they’re mostly black.


No expense has been spared *to show* that no expense has been spared.


Don't forget *serving McDonald's/fast food for a white house dinner* The guy has no idea what class means.


The one whose ragtag brood has been rummaging through the White House for the the last four years.


Howard Stern mentioned a similar thing about how Trump feels about his supporters: > “The people Trump despises most love him the most,” ... His voters, Mr. Stern said, are people he would not want in his hotels. “He’d be disgusted by them,” he said. **“Go to Mar-a-Lago, see if there’s any people who look like you.”** - [Trump Has Called His Supporters ‘Disgusting.’ Do They Care?](https://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/10/sunday-review/trump-supporters.html)


Does he not look out at the audience at his rallies?


There's probably just a mirror placed in the seat straight ahead from where he speaks. That's why he has that self indulgent smile spread across his face all the time.


Imagine committing a felony for a guy who doesn't even like you lol Well, at least we know why they vote to screw themselves over. Republicans really are masochists.


Or dying . . .


He will definitely blame them for making him look bad.


He doesn't give a shit about people who are no longer of use to him. Another Wal-Martyr


In his video yesterday he did say they would be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. But of course he lies every day.


Yeah, if anyone is tired of them trying the "I didnt know I couldnt do that so I'm sorry" excuse. This guy aint going to use it. He already gave an interview to a major network about how everything he did was intentional, and the goal was to at least frighten/intimidate sitting elected officials. This guy aint listening to a lawyer, he's not taking a plea deal. He's taking a trip to federal prison.


"But Antifa pushed me all the way from the White House lawn into the Capitol building where they stuffed my backpack with Senate letterhead and Molotov cocktails!" - MAGAt defense


This is the guy who is upset that people who are trying to shift blame away from themselves are calling him antifa


This is my favorite part. This guy is really well known in right wing circles. Everyone who listens to the QAnon Anonymous podcast has known who this guy is for more than a year, I wasn’t surprised to see him in his costume there at all. Claiming he’s antifa is so desperate.


Absolutely astounding that people can literally make stuff up out of thin air and other people just accept it. It's infuriating. And if their made up stuff gets blocked, they cry persecution


> Claiming he’s antifa is so desperate. Yea, but I bet he fucking hates it, so to me, this dude is an antifa deep cover agent.


He absolutely fucking does and as a result was correcting everyone as loudly as possible lmao


They say this because he was spotted at BLM protests in the summer, so therefore the far right say he's actually Antifa, but he was actually there to recruit people to the MAGA cult and he was carrying a QAnon sign. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/jake-angeli-viking-capitol-blm/ Also for some reason people seem to genuinely believe that The Simpsons predicted the event because of some photoshopped picture that was made after the fact. The internet is made of idiots.




5D chess


Good. Begone Horny Man


>Horny Man These new Mega Man bosses just keep getting weirder and weirder.


MAGA man bosses*


Bonk! Off to horny jail.


With the other horny people!


>“The fact that we had a bunch of our traitors in office hunker down, put on their gas masks and retreat into their underground bunker, I consider that a win,” Jesus what a psychopath


So this guy has tattoos claiming the superiority of the 'German race'...yet goes by an Italian surname...by choice...?


Italians were the other fascists


The OG facists. Mussolini is credited as the father of facism


> Mussolini is credited as the father of facism *Sad Gabriele D'Annunzio noises*


and then they shot him in the woods


Then hung upside down from the roof of a gas station.


No, he has tattoos of shitty, bastardized versions of norse symbology that a group of people took and made meanings of for their own ulterior motives. This distinction needs to be mainstream. It is imperative that we take back these unique symbols of an important piece of religious and cultural history that has made tangible impact to modern day language across the western world. NORSE SYMBOLOGY IS NOT AND NEVER WILL BE FOR WHITE SUPREMACISTS.


He bragged about causing the people he attacked to "hunker down, put on their gas masks and retreat into their underground bunker, I consider that a win". I consider the arrest of this braggart terrorist a win.


This looks like a scene from a dystopian, redneck alternate universe. But it’s from inside the U.S. Capitol two days ago. Sigh.


[The Beer Hall Putsch](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beer_Hall_Putsch).. In 1923, Hitler snd his early formed Nazis attempted a violent coup on a government building, and failed. Many of them were arrested and tried, even imprisoned. But in the words of some actress, “There’s no such thing as bad press” They used this to ELEVATE their cause. 10 years later with the “They’re gonna make Germany communist!” rhetoric to scare others.. Nationslism.. Race superiority.. violence to control others.. ..Does any of this sound VERY familiar?.. ..Hitler and the Nazis took control of Germany. The U.S. is at a very serious and very dangerous crossroads with our Conservatives right now. We KNOW how it plays out if we let it. This thing is not a joke. Conservatives were waving confederate flags in our Capitol rotunda.. thin blue line flags.. Trump flags.. This whole thing needs to be taken seriously and those responsible from Trump, Cruz, Hawley.. down to state reps.. like Hitler quoting Mary Miller.. into our police and military.. and down into the base of supporters or this WILL be a repeat of history. [edit: fixed my “ands”]


As punishment, Hitler was sentenced to one whole year in jail. These guys are going to get slaps on the wrist when they should be headed to Guantanamo Bay.


Something. Isn’t it mostly conservatives who are 100% in support of holding middle easterners for nigh 20 years without trials for being even peripherally associated, (even then just “maybe”) with terrorism? If we treated conservatives like they treat others.. which puts *us* in an ethical dilemma.. a big portion of that crowd would be in long-term prison.


Wed also find new allies in restoring rights to ex felons. I say lets do it :3




I would say the face of this thing is trump. This dude is just the most memorable brownshirt.


He stormed a federal building while brandishing a huge weapon. How the fuck does that not get you a significant prison sentence?


This fucker belongs in a prison and needs some mental health help. These Qanon nut jobs need intense mental health assistance if they truly believe this conspiracy bullshit.


Like the guy who showed up with the gun to free the child sex slaves from the basement of Pizza shop... That didn't have a basement. That look on his face when it finally came together. >...oh fuck, Q is bullshit. The internet lied..


These people are such fucking rubes.


Sadly, the only surprising part is that the nutjob actually accepted that he made a mistake. It seems like these people have an unlimited ability to justify their insane beliefs.


“These people are even more diabolical than we thought... they built an above-ground basement so we’d never find it.”


It's easy to identify these people when they decide not to wear masks.




“Chansley is charged with knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority, and with violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds, the press release said.” Seems pretty light considering all the vandalism, theft, murder, sedition, and terrorism he participated in that day while illegally carrying a weapon and treasonous flag into the U.S. Capitol. Especially when he bragged to a major news outlet about premeditation. Hopefully more serious charges are forthcoming.


They better just be using that to easily round these assholes up while they work out all the real charges.


“The fact that we had a bunch of our traitors in office hunker down, put on their gas masks and retreat into their underground bunker, I consider that a win,” he said. So he’s saying the fact they “successfully” terrified Elected Officials into changing their behavior through the threat of violence was an accomplishment of their set agenda. Did this dude read the textbook definition “Terrorist” and just look at the camera with a shit spewing grin like, “it me.” Nevermind they didn’t *actually* stop the vote. It’s like getting a D- and running through the halls screaming, “Honor role bumper sticker here I come!” Edit: punctuation




A coworker of mine tells me this guy’s been bothering the pagan community for years. They don’t like white suppremacists using their symbols.


Nazis are why we can’t have nice things.




Schpadoinkle! A trapper!


There was a redditor here the other day saying that this guy "wasn't a Trump supporter" and that "he had tattoos that prove he's Antifa." The mental gymnastics of these people is be-fucking-wildering. Instead of considering they're wrong they jump to the very next conspiracy theory.


I hope all the insurrectionists receive felony murder charges for the 5 people that died during their overthrow attempt. I can only imagine what would've happened if this mob had gotten ahold of one or more lawmakers. Ive seen the video of the crowd repeatedly dragging away a reporter.