Steel toe reccomendation

Steel toe reccomendation


My go to is Thorogood. The wedge sole 8” lace up is super comfortable and when you register them they’ve got a pretty good warranty. I’m a Boilermaker and I get about 3 years out of a pair. I go through a lot of laces though.


It confounds me that laces never last as long as the boot and that, it seems, there aren't any aftermarket laces assured to last the remainder of a boot's life.


I learned to go ahead n get a few pair when I buy the boots and keep them in the storage compartment on my lunchbox. They always break at the most inconvenient times and I’ve burned a few pair up overhead welding.


Have you tried leather laces? I'm a sparky not a welder but my brother is an ironworker and puts leather laces in his thorogoods and he claims they hold up better


I haven’t tried leather laces yet. I’ll hafta give them a try.


I take my laces out of new boots and replace them with Kevlar laces. They seem to last a long time before they breakdown.


Ive been using paracord.


Just make sure you can try them on. Thorogoods seem to run small and wide.


Keens are my new fav. Feet my wider toe box well. Also worn red wings and danner - love them both. If it’s your first pair go to a good shop and try them on. Buy from them too!


+1 for keens. They are my go to. I do have a comfy outdoor of new balance steelies but they haven't held up quite as well as their leather counterpart.


I have had these [Keen Detroit XT](https://www.zappos.com/p/keen-utility-detroit-xt-int-met-steel-toe/product/9146339) for slightly more than a year now. For $154 you get a steel toe AND an internal metatarsal guard! But I don't need a metatarsal guard you say? Oh you think that heavy things that can fall on your toes can't fall on your foot just as easily? Anyways besides the great impact protection, it's got the non marking, slip and oil resistant sole. The waterproof upper. And electrical protection to boot. The only downside is they are heavy, you will get used to wearing it easily enough, but anyone not used to them will pick them up thinking they're sneaker weight (cuz they look and feel like sneakers) and be surprised how much gravity is in them. But yeah, they've been my daily for over a year and are still great condition, dirty as heck, and it's time for new insoles, but the shoe is good


I’m a redwing fan with the king toe


Redwing without a doubt.


Indoors or outdoors?




What kind of job? What kind of weather? I bounce between timberland pro and Carhartt now, they're at the cheap end of decent boots which is great for me. Roofing doesn't care how expensive your clothes are, it's an equal opportunity destroyer so I balance in cost. If I didn't chew through them so quickly there's some much nicer options out there


I'll be in a lot of plants doing non destructive testing


I'll be doing NDT in different plants across the states


How much time will you be spending on your feet? If you're just walking short distances and maybe spending a lot of time sitting, then you might be able to get away with cheaper pair of boots.


Thorogoods hands down.


Thourouhgood, Danner, Georgia. In that order. I'm hard on boots and I have a pair of each and rotate depending on weather and work conditions.


I always liked magnum boots because of the composite cap and sole plate which make it nicer if your passing through security checkpoints. And they're very comfortable and easy to put on with the side zip.


If composite is allowed, I like Wolverine CarbonMax (carbon fiber toe), they even have a full grain leather version that's "made in America (with global materials)": [https://www.wolverine.com/US/en/technology-carbonmax/#prefn1=workFeatures&prefv1=Built%20In%20USA](https://www.wolverine.com/US/en/technology-carbonmax/#prefn1=workFeatures&prefv1=Built%20In%20USA)


I've been wearing Caterpillar boots. Mine are a steel toe ESD model (and after 2 years they still pass the ESD check). They are comfortable and have held up well. They are way better quality than the keens I was wearing before.