NTD - Been wanting the Ridgid Jobmax for a while, wife got it for my birthday!

NTD - Been wanting the Ridgid Jobmax for a while, wife got it for my birthday!


Nice! Love their quick change head system. Good job going with the 18V too. . . I have the 12V version, and even with the biggest batter they make for it was super disappointing. Tool is great, runtime on 12v... not so much. I actually got the corded base for it if I needed to do anything more than like. . . 8 minutes. 18V is hugely better though. Also FYI, the base/head is 100% compatible with the [Ryobi JobPlus](https://www.ryobitools.com/power-tools/products/details/18v-one-plus-jobplus-with-multi-tool-attachment) if you can ever still find any around.


I was looking for the Job Plus but couldn’t find it. I really like Ridgid though. I’m really looking forward to dropping my Dremel and Oscillator for one tool now. Edit: I don’t spell.


Can I borrow it right quick!! 😂


Congrats! Love this tool, the sanding attachment is great as well as cutting drywall!


Those two are exactly why I got it. Plus the right angle driver. I do a lot of odds and ends around the house and I needed to cut the cord on the dremel and oscillator.




I will! I really want the rotary and right angle attachment.


Absolutely one of the most useful tools you'll have. I thought it was a gimmick at first, yet here I sit with the metal shears attachment and the right angle drill attachment in addition to the oscillating head. If you do metal work at all and need to trim stuff, the metal shears are amazing.


I have the ryobi version (takes the same heads) and it has been fantastic. I have the rotary tool attachment and used it for drywall work when I redid my basement. I might pick up the jigsaw next.


Dr. Seuss bday


Never seen these before! I’m having difficulty finding a stockist in the UK for either the Ridgid or AEG version (named Omni) of this tool. Anyone know a good online shop where these can be purchased in the UK or Europe?