What unsupervised childhood activities did you participate in, that probably should have killed you?

What unsupervised childhood activities did you participate in, that probably should have killed you?


Swimming in the drainage canal by my house. Barb wire, horseshit, concrete, fertilizer runoff etc.


How many nipples you got there, bucko?


They’re udders now, thank you very much.


That was pretty damn funny


I grew up on an air force base and back behind the school was an old pond with suspicious rainbow ripples that was surrounded by 50 gallon barrels. We called it the Devil's Claw and spent the entire summer there every year. I looked it up recently and yep, it's a superfund site because it was the jet fuel dump.


Yeah you should get tested for jet fuel contaminate in your system, that shits really toxic and it can stay in your system for decades


My cousins and I, from the time we were toddlers, were just sent out into the forest in the morning with nothing but whistles to “scare the bears.” One time I chased a bear.


I swear to god my granpa tells us the same story. Is this some time wrap shit going on here ?


time wrap


Keeps the memories fresh


The Great Rock Wars. In grade school we played this during recess. We just whipped pebbles at each other. Hard. Also, I pay homage to my fallen 4th grade friend, may we never forget you.




"I can still see little Jimmy. He caught a rock right in the cheek. The school nurse did what she could, but he was finished. He went home too soon that day."


"But alas, recess continued.. 'For Jimmy!' our comrades would scream as they hurled the sharpest rocks they could find."


"for they had taken one of us, and thus, we must slay ten of their number, as required by the terrible quota given to us by that one kid who was weirdly tall for his year"


"One! Three! Four! Six! Seven" he counted aloud... And it became apparent that this wasn't his first tour in the 3rd grade. We breathed a sigh of relief, for we knew this wasn't a battle of wits.. And our quota suddenly seemed more attainable.. Victory was nigh..


"But alas the enemy was determined to not fall.... They brought out a secret weapon, hidden from the great teachers.........They slaughtered us. Men fell left and right at the hands of- of Tommy's older brother.


The fire in his eyes sent even our most brave men into a panic. As he picked up the larger rocks we deemed incapable of flight, our veterans turned tail faster than a kicked pooch.. We couldn't fathom the destruction and chaos that would unfold. But we could hear it.. Growing quieter yet more intense as we fled for our lives.


“We were just kids man. Like literally children.”


Time out: did this friend die during the Rock Wars?


We don’t talk about the Rock Wars. Still too soon.


Most people don't get it, The Rock Wars were never really about the rocks!


It was always the stones. Never the rocks.


Did you live in Derry, Maine and hang out with Beverly, Stan, and Bill by chance?


I remember this too. Just huge games of hurling rocks at eachother. I switched schools in 3rd grade and got in immediate trouble at my first recess when I tried this. I explained that we did it all the time at my old school. Not sure the principal believes me.


dang. we used to go to this construction site that had dirt clods. we'd throw those at each other because the dirt clod would explode on impact and didn't hurt that bad. occasionally, there'd be. a rock in one and that hurt. Also knew kids that would shoot bbs at each other. smh.


I grew up in Kigali, Rwanda. After the 1994 genocide there were land mines all over the place. We used to walk to our primary school (about 1.5km). As kids we used to place soccer on the street while walking to school, so 1 day the ball fell in the bush as always, and i went for it. Little did i know the the stone-like thing under the ball was a notorious landmine, i got the ball and i asked the other older kid what it was. 10 min later the entire neighborhood was on site talking about how i just cheated death. Never will i ever forget it. If i stepped on the mine that afternoon, i would n't be writing this today.




Damn that's scary. Feel like using mines should be a war crime punishable by demining labor.


Not marking their location is a war crime


We used to play with chemicals in my neighbors garage. Like combine all different kinds of chemicals we could find, I would assume lawn care and car chemicals , in her garage into a hole in the cement floor. At least we were smart or lucky enough to keep the garage door open


My greatest discovery at around 12 yrs old doing that was finding out brake fluid and chlorine for the pool combust when mixed. Soon my friends and I were doing all kinds of crazy shit with the mixture. The best was driving a pipe into the ground a few feet long, and putting the chlorine and brake fluid in there and watching the dragon fire shoot out the pipe. It's not an immediate reaction, kind of a slow burn till it bursts into a furious hellfire.


Fuck yeah, I have all those things. Brb




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I grew up within the boundaries of Tufts University’s campus, at the end of my street was a campus building that was six stories high. I remember climbing to the top of the fire escape, stepping over the railing onto the slate pitched roof. I held onto the dormer and made my way on top of that roof, then I would walk up to the pitch of the roof and straddle the pitch and look out on the Boston skyline. I was under 10 years old. Well over a hundred feet up, one slip and I was sidewalk pizza. I can’t believe I survived being a latch key kid in the 80s


We did the same thing on the roof of Main Building at Vassar in the 80s. I’ll bet they’ve got all access to the roof closed off now. A friend and I also fenced there on the catwalk. We were college students so no excuse for stupidity.


Climbing trees way too high


When I was a kid, we used to toss apples under the tree, climb the tree, and when the horses, that my grandparents raised, would come to eat the apples, we would leap on the horses. Most of the time the horse would buck and take off running, with a kid on its back.


How are you alive? This is nuts!


An apple a day keeps the doctor away.




To be fair they may have also thought apples is dandy.




You know, as an 11 year old, that thought never crossed my mind




Tree riding. Climb a tree and have your friends cut it down. We would have contests to see who would climb the highest. I won more than once. I cannot fathom how I nor anyone else was not seriously hurt, nevermind killed.


What in the world, this is one of the crazier ones I’ve seen in this thread




My brother got our ball stuck in a tree and we had to put a ladder in the tree to get to the top. I told my brother I would pay him $5 to do it and I never did. He held that over my head for years and I finally paid him back when he graduated high school. My mom found out at my wedding during his speech about this and was not happy.


My buddies and I restored an old tree house on the outskirts of town that was a good 30 feet in the air. We had to rebuild the "ladder" to get to the platform and then used a rope to pull up materials. We had a three tiered house by the time we were finished. Fun, but dangerous.


Climbing trees while way too high.


Oh man I could write a book about it. Growing up in the rust belt and playing in the industrial relics I'm still surprised I'm somehow alive. Plus my buddy's grandpa was a gunsmith so we had black powder, you can imagine what we did with that. Also swimming in the river and fucking around by the train tracks. Yeah, I don't know how I even still have all my OEM fingers and toes.


How many pennies did you put on the train tracks so a train would smash them flat?


One of my favorite things!


In the 50s and 60s you could get chemistry sets complete with a vial of mercury and other dangerous chemicals. Man, it was fun playing with that mercury and mixing various chemicals to see what would happen. Next we'll talk about the wood burning set and the toy that came with a cauldron to melt metal and pour it into molds to make soldiers and what not. All while mom was upstairs fixing dinner.


Growing up in the 90s, we basically lived at our local park, and there was a foundation still there from the 60s of an old toilet block which had been blown up... by my dad when he was a kid.


My dad blew up a mailbox and my mother tore up somebody's plants and left them on their windshield. I feel cheated, my parents were strict so I never DARED cause mischief like that!


We used to dig tunnels through the hay that they stored in the barn that would be like 10 metres high in places. The tunnels would regularly collapse and we'd just shrug it off and dig another.


Quite the same activity but with snow. Few times in news I've read about child suffocating into a tunnel they made that collapsed.


Extra bonus if you could find a half sheet of rotted plywood to use for the roof to your cave and cover it with snow.


More points if you let a homeless man pretend to be the monster in the cave who would chase you if you strayed too close.


Hey, we did that, too! We had a hayloft and we would purposefully jump from the rafters onto the tunnels to see if we could hit anyone crawling through the tunnels.


that is so scary! I would jump on bales, but that was about all i could stomach!


We would jump bales and play tag. None of us would blink an eye at making a 4-7ft jump between almost two stories up. But as you can imagine, young kids can't really make jumps that long reliably. My sister missed once and fell all the way down between some bales. She got wedged between them and we had to get am adult to pull her out and she lost a shoe in the process.


Don't forget that down on my uncle's farm there were pigs to try to ride on and stored wheat and corn to dive into. Not to mention see if you could hotwire the combine.


My brother and I would bend our mattresses in half and then sit on them, release them and fling ourselves across the room into the wall. We were not bright children but damn did we have fun.


That sounds awesome I’m gonna try that one


I used to have free reign in the woods behind the base housing at Fort Bragg. My friends and I would ride our bikes through the woods for hours in the summer at the tender age of 7 like it wasn’t a big deal. I’d never let my 7 year old now wander around the woods like that now-a-days. One day we found a vine that was dangling next to a ravine and do a Tarzan Juno across it. It was probably a good 30 foot drop to the bottom of a pit filled with jagged rock and dubious puddles of ick. I wasn’t supposed to show my parents, but I did one day and they freaked out and cut it down. My friends were mad at me for like a minute until they all agreed it was indeed incredibly dangerous and for the best. Perhaps the most logical conclusion I have ever seen kids come to in my life.


Me too, but at Ft Meade! Add dug-out "forts" in the banks of ditches and homemade fire crackers to kill invading yellow jacket nests. Can't imagine which WW I and II era chemicals were buried in those woods.


The town I grew up in is where they buried a lot of the munitions and chemicals from WWI and WWII and home to a very large cancer cluster. I thought it was totally normal that 4 kids in my 5th grade class had some sort of cancer until I was like 18 and learned about the cluster.


Years after leaving Ft. Meade, I read that they found some buried chemicals from WW I while they were building a new housing area behind the school.


Previous owner of my childhood home left a bunch of random chemicals in the garage (he was into home improvement and stuff) and my siblings tool to playing "mad scientist". Several instances of unknown gasses spreading through the garage later and we're still around.


Let’s play Breaking Bad!!!


"Errr Sandra. The kids have made meth...:"


My coworker was given a chemistry kit as a kid. Back in the day when things like mercury weren't uncommon. He finished up all the guided experiments and then decided to start making random combinations of stuff. One day he mixed some stuff and it exploded. In his bedroom. Room was covered floor to ceiling in brown smelly goop.


are you sure it wasn't food poisoning


Sounds like "some stuff" was actually 5 pounds of gummy bears


*Sugar free* gummy bears


We would do this in my friends basement, only after we mixed everything we’d pour it in a jar or Downey ball and then try to light it on fire and toss it outside on their porch steps. Thank goodness all of our homemade molotov cocktails failed!


Playing on my grandma's house roof. An old, old, OLD ass house. Slates came off on their own. Edit:Once my cousin got stuck and my brother had to carry him down. It was so scary.


Back in the old days when folks didn’t lock doors, my dumb ass used to go in my neighbors houses and wander about while they slept. Then I’d get scared and leave. Very dangerous as a 6yr old young lady. Edit: it was 1994, my parents were sleep and I was stealthy. It was maybe they same 4-5 “family” houses on my block and I never got caught. I have many angels.


Okay but..... *why?* At six, I was mortified to even look into my neighbor's backyard, let alone break into people's houses at *night*.


I was very nosey and thought everyone had cool stuff. Edit: Cook /Cool


I had a friend who told me that her hometown had a woman who would do this. She was a special needs case and her family just warned the surrounding blocks that sometimes she would let herself in if you left your doors unlocked. That idea always scared me


I grew up in a foster home and I remember 1 night at dinner we are all eating and this dude just walks into the kitchen and we all just kind of share an awkward silence before my mom tells us to go play while they talk. Turns out it was the father of one of the kids who showed up to get his daughter back.


You are probably why people started locking their doors.... /s Edit: Spelling


Except not /s. I'd be fucking terrified if this happened, even after seeing that it was a little girl. Random little girl I've never seen in my house in the middle of the night? Clearly an evil spirit.


I get fucking terrified seeing a little girl in my house at night, and she’s my own damn child!


RIP to the folks that engaged in these activities, but never made it to this thread.


Yes, I feel like both my parents' generation (boomers) and grandparents' generations (Silent and Greatest, depending on the grandparent) knew a *lot* of kids when they were growing up who died in childhood due to accidents. I feel like every older person can name a few classmates from their youth who never made it to adulthood. (Lots of falls from high places and lots of accidental drownings in particular.) Now, it's (thankfully) unusual enough that an accidental child death is usually huge news in a community. Edit: I just wanted to make a point about survivorship bias over the generations, and then I wake up to 20+ very gruesome child death story comments in my messages. 😬


I'm German and I heard way to many story's of kids messing around with undetonated Bombs and Ammunition spreader over the Country. (in and after the War) There was this one story 9-10 siblings and all kids found a Bomb near our village and while messing around.... it exploded.... They are all dead.... My mom told me on the cemetery cause I saw the gravestone... I do not really think, I ever got over this story. (Edit: I feel kind of bad for this being my most upvoted comment. For me this is a Reminder of the Horrors of War, so I wanna make a shout out to show empathy and Respect to all Humans, to never let stuff like this happen again.)


Woah. That’s terrifying and heartbreaking.


There’s still a whole bunch of land in France that’s completely unusable for anything because it’s so jam packed with undetonated ordinance and chemicals and shit from World War One. They call it the [red zone](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zone_Rouge) and originally it was 1200 square kilometres!


I heard a story recently from an older (late 60s) friend from when he was a kid. Will and his best friend used to take his horse down to the river to ride on while it swam. Horses are excellent swimmers, so this was *relatively* safe. Unfortunately, neither of them knew how to swim themselves. Anyway, one day they were doing this and it was Will's friend's turn to ride the horse. He said that he never knew what happened exactly, but the horse started thrashing in the water and Will's friend was thrown off. Will grabbed a branch and tried to reach it out to his friend. His friend grabbed the end of the branch, but it broke. Will watched in horror as his friend simply sank to the bottom. The water was crystal clear and he watched his best friend drown, powerless to do anything. So yeah. People like to laugh about kids using safety equipment these days because "back in *my* day we didn't wear a helmet and we were just fine." Yeah right! **You** were fine! Countless others weren't!


>The water was crystal clear and he watched his best friend drown, powerless to do anything. This reminded me of a chilling video that floating online for awhile (I'm sure it's still out there). Where a young couple go to a secluded lake. They set up their phone or camera or something to record them having a picnic and playing in the water. So while they are standing about waste deep in the water, splashing around and what not, the ground beneath them suddenly breaks away. They didn't realise that they were standing on an underwater ledge that was weak. The two were suddenly dunked under water, one (or both?) couldn't swim, and did the classic "grab onto whatever you can to survive" and grabbed onto the other person, forcing them down, and drowning them, then they too drowned... then the sounds of thrashing are gone, and it's eerily calm. The camera was found by someone walking by hours later, and they watched the video and then called police, and the bodies were pulled from the water. edit: In case anyone wanted to see the video in question, [here is a link](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mw4-vtR216U&bpctr=1603879747)


I know exactly what video you are talking about. I still can't believe some people can't swim but do go into the water


Yeah, it's a pretty stupid thing to do. Where I live, we had a few summers, where new immigrants to Canada were dying at beaches, because back in their home country, they don't have access to lakes, and don't know how to swim at all. Then they come here, see "oh look at everyone playing in the water", and next thing someone's dead. The biggest tragedy a few years back was a school trip to a Algonquin National park. Apparently on the form for the trip, it asked if you could swim. The student said he could not (meaning he could not go) and the teacher just brushed it off and allowed him to come. Kid never made it home, went swimming with some friends unsupervised and somehow drowned. The school got in a ton of shit for that. [link](https://globalnews.ca/news/3575819/missing-toronto-student-presumed-drowned-algonquin-park/)


There are several tourists each year who die in the north sea. They aren't used to the tides, and go way to deep. And my history teacher told us about playing with neighbourhood kids in the rubble of their bombed city. Rotterdam was nearly wiped from existence. Not all the kids survived playtime, as buildings would collapse further.


When I see old people post memes on Facebook about how playgrounds were fun and \*they\* turned out ok, all I can think is.. well yeah.. of course everybody still ALIVE is going to say that...


Survivor bias.


Fire, lots of fire.


I almost burned down the house in Mexico when I was like 8. I set a fake plant on fire and ran away. Mom was cooking next door and put the flames out. In the U.S I burned a hole in the carpet in my room when I was in middle school. Covered that up with small pink carpet. Parents never found out until I moved out.


Me too. I lit a match, then got scared, so my stupid child brain thought “throw it in the kitchen cabinet drawer (made of wood).”


Man. I was a literal arsonist, with a record. Also don’t let those people on Survior make you think starting a fire is hard. You would think I would have stopped. Nope. Now I am an adult and they are called bon fires. Oh man and they let you access more chemicals.


I await age.


Keep waiting! Enjoy the free time. From one pyro to another, never get old. Safety first. Fireworks second.


>never get old. From a Pyro, this is either terrible advice or a vague threat.


When I was a teenager I decided to take up the hobby of fire arts. I had a fire staff I spun, this thing called fire poi (big wicks on strings you swung around), fire fingers I made myself, and a Samoan fire knife I somehow convinced my dad to make me (half knife half wick which you spin around). I even knew this trick where I’d use kerosene to light part of my hand on fire and use it to light my tools. My parents just indulged me. I guess they figured if I got hurt I’d learn my lesson.


OMG, definitely fire. We’re lucky to be here


Man, I remember the one and only time a friend started a fire with gasoline on it. Lost some hair


I poured about a half cup of gas on my friends driveway...and lit it on fire. We watched in horror as the flames grew to about 10 feet high. It burned for a good 5 minutes....seemed like hours to 14 year old who is actively freaking out that he may have burnt his friends house down...just a 3x3 black spot was the only evidence in tbe driveway.... I never played with fire after that ...


Growing up in a family that hunted it wasn’t uncommon to find .22 bullets in the garage or in hunting bags. My brother would take bullets that he found, place them on a log, and then smash them with a hammer. Luckily he outgrew that phase.


I hate to be a one upper, but we would do something similar with .22 and shotgun shells. We were preteens, owners of red Ryder BB guns, and unsupervised rounds of ammunition. We would get bored at plinking cans, birds, and squirrels, so we lined up shotgun shells and .22 rounds and shot them with our BB guns. We would routinely have to dodge the .22 casings shooting back at us after we hit the primer. Looking back on it, I’m really surprised none of us were seriously injured.


Yeah, you could've shot your eye out.




Merry Christmas. Ho Ho Hooooo


My grandfather shot himself in a similar fashion. Found an old unused bullet, decided it was a good idea to shoot it with his gun. Yeah guys what came back to hit him in the leg.


How the hell does a round hit your leg while aiming down range in the first place? Actually that leads into another question, WAS he aiming down range when he fired?


If you're shooting steel, it can bounce back and hit you. Depending on how close you are. Several times shooting steel with my pistol at 10 yards or so I've had bits of lead come back and cut my face and arms


Tbh the actual bullet doesn’t have much energy when it’s not fed down a barrel. It’s kinda like a firecracker with a slight chance of losing an eye, and the casing would be more fearsome than the bullet


That's what I was thinking. Without the barrel, the energy of the explosion isn't concentrated into one specific direction. It'll fly somewhere, but it's not like the gun where all of the energy is pushing it faster and faster out of the barrel.


Lawn darts. Except no one was throwing em at the rings. Nope toss em straight up in the sky and scatter. EDIT:HOLY SHIT. Woke up to a Megatron of notices and immediately thought "oh shit what comment of mine was a total fuck up" Turns out nope no fuck up just a bunch of kindred souls.


Lol we played scatter darts too! Ahhh the 80s/early 90s...


We had a mini crossbow we'd put full size arrows in and shoot it straight up and basically play chicken.


These answers are all terrible but I am laughing like a loon at all of them. How are any of y'all alive? (The answer of course, is that the ones who aren't, aren't here to answer lol) ETA honestly not sure why I deserve an award, but I'll take it! Thankyou :)


I still don’t know how I’m here as my dad is the very personification of this thread, he’s probably done all this but the one story that I remember most clearly is he and his brothers would take the lids off trash cans (those circular metal ones) use them as shields, then fucking shoot fireworks at each other. It was part of an event called “cracker night” where the whole neighbourhood set off fireworks. They’re actually illegal now in this country, frankly I blame my dad and uncles.


I think I know what I'm doing after COVID.


Russian roulette with darts nice we used to do that with my compound bow ,one of my mates tried to catch it once and it almost went right though his hand


Your mates an idiot


I did something similar in college, but with a compound bow I used for hunting. Shot it straight into the sky and about 8 of us took off running. It took a solid 15 to 20 seconds after firing for the arrow to come back down, driving itself pretty deep into the ground. Those were a pretty terrifying/exciting 15 seconds. Needless to say, if somebody had gotten hit by that, there's a solid chance they'd be dead.


We used to do this when I was about 10-12 years old. The bow was only 35 lb draw weight on a compact bow but it could have been trouble. A couple of my arrows were crooked too so they were wildcards. Dad wasn't so happy when he found out what we were up to.


Making snow forts. Fortunately my friend found my legs because I was panicking while suffocating.


Some parents seem concerned their kids will have sex when they're teenagers. I’m terrified my kids will go off and do some of the things I used to do with friends and get unlucky and die. There was a train bridge near where I went to school. It went over a ravine with a shallow creek. We would climb underneath it.


"Drop, Michael. Let go! It’s safe! Come on! Don’t be such a baby!"


For a little bit it was a middleschool fad to throw yourself off public buses as they were slowing down and do a roll on the sidewalk. I smacked my midsection on a telephone pole and had bruises for weeks lol.


What how did they allow that


OP didn't say it was allowed, only that it happened. Middle schoolers ya know...


I'm not from the US, maybe you were picturing like a schoolbus but I meant a public transportation bus. No supervision


As fun as it really was, I am still surprised how more of us didn't get seriously injured/killed on old school playground equipment. I'm 29 but I'm old enough to remember when playgrounds were filled with gravel, not wood chips or shredded rubber. Holy hell. Good thing small kids are shockingly resilient because I know I face planted on those rocks more times than I can count. Edit: It has been brought to my attention that the wood chips were not much better. Either way, getting scraped up is part of being a kid, and life for that matter.


Not even gravel at my elementary school, it was straight blacktop under the jungle gym. I do remember signing several casts.




> spinning metal platforms Do you mean merry-go-round? The one in my elementary school in the mid-1980s was already cemented to the ground to stop it from moving. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roundabout_(play)


The Merry-Go-Round! I loved those. We always got some big kid to spin us really fast.


Gravel? You had gravel? Child of the 60s here. We had iron monkey bars set into concrete. EVERYTHING was set in concrete.


One of the favourite places to hang out when I was a teenager was a disused railway bridge on the edge of the town. The land had began to reclaim the top and was all overgrown, except for a small part in the centre. There were amazing views of the town from there, and we used to head up there most summer evenings and relax with some smokes and alcohol. It was fairly well hidden from public and the police, so we used to get up to no good. One dude who was irritating AF used to tag along, as he was the younger brother one one of the girls. He was sat on the 1ft wall looking down at the stream below, and this lad grabbed him and dangled him over the edge. Was a pretty big drop down to the rocky stream underneath, maybe 30ft. The dickhead let go of the poor lads hand, so he grabbed the wall of the bridge, then he let go of his other hand. Again, he clung on to the wall for dear life. Then fell. Luckily, there was no serious damage, other than his soaked clothes. The lad who dangled him over didn't hang round with us after that, we made sure of it.


Evel kneivel'ing my bmx bike off jumps into roads while a friend was supposed to be watching for cars but mostly stood there picking his nose looking at his untied shoe lace.


Setting everything on fire that I could get my hands on. I'm not a pyro. But I went through a phase when I was around 8 or 9 when I just lit shit on fire. Books, paper bags, toy cars, lawn furniture, legos, the park down the street, action figures, sticks and leaves, etc. It was just for a short time and I grew out of it. But that had real potential for disaster.


I had a friend when I was a kid who was a serious pyro. We lived down the street from this big field with a set of railroad tracks that ran through it. One summer he got the bright idea to combine a lighter and a can of hair-spray and test it out in this field in late August when it was nice and dry. Only started a little fire, but it quickly started spreading. The friend tried to stomp it out but I was wearing shorts and sandals so I wasn't having any part of that, so ultimately we booked it. The WHOLE field burned down - dry grass up to our chest for several blocks long - we could see the smoke from our windows, we just knew we were busted. Fortunately the house like 3 blocks down in this field (that we didn't know was there) was saved before the fire got to it, and the news said it was probably a spark from the wheels of a train, so we got away with it. That was my first and last time playing with fire.


I used to rollerblade off the roof and onto the trampoline....it hurts to think about it now. I'm still shocked I never got hurt! Morning edit: Wow. So this is what it's like. My gold cherry, now gone. Thank you for the awards! I'm glad everyone could share their trampoline stories!


My backyard was lower than my front yard, so the back deck was eight feet or so above the back yard. We would jump off onto the trampoline.


Everyone had bad ideas involving a trampoline.


Maybe this is why I wasn’t allowed to have a trampoline.


Yep, mom refused to buy us one either. I think after reading some of these I’m really glad


My bad trampoline idea was like four of us on the trampoline, and one wrapped up in a blanket just getting bounced around by everyone else jumping. One of my friends landed on my chest and I thought I was dying. No more trampoline cocoon.


We would do this but instead of the blanket we would tuck ourself into a ball, knees to chest and arms wrapped around the knees. Many times we landed on our necks. We also used to jump off of a 2 story roof onto the trampoline. Sometimes in an attempt to double-bounce a person who is already on the trampoline.


Before paint ball, we only had BB guns to shoot at one another. Needless to say, there weren’t any fancy face masks or other protective gear.


Forty years later, my parents were finally told the story of me using a pocket knife to remove the bb embedded in my kid brothers butt cheek…


Oh no! One summer, my friend and I were playing cops and robbers with his bb rifle (also shooting at each other because we were smart). He chased me into some neighborhor's yard and I hid in a big bush. Well, the neighbor sicced two big dogs on us, except I was too far from the fence to feel like I could make it, so I stayed in my bush while the dogs sniffed around. Eventually I got tired of squatting in the bush, so I sat down - right onto a cactus. I screamed, ran to the fence, with two ferocious dogs chasing after me, and the cactus stuck to my left ass-cheek. It sucked, but is very funny in retrospect. [Here](https://c8.alamy.com/compes/e99hdy/nopal-hojas-con-sus-largas-espinas-y-un-nuevo-crecimiento-en-el-borde-adoptadas-en-mexico-e99hdy.jpg) is a picture of what the cactus looked like, although I seem to remember the spikes to be much bigger


That’s hilarious! We only had to dig out one BB, buddy had to get a couple small stitches though. Enacted the three pump rule after that one.


I'm sorry but "3 pump rule" is a hilarious title


Ouch. In my case the BB lodged under the skin at the back top of my skull, it required surgery to remove.


A kid in my elementary school lost his eye that way, the family of the kid who did it had to pay for the glass eye that became his new party trick (just popping it in and out during the day at school. I'm sure it wasn't very sanitary)


I know at least three people with BBs still in them.


Bottle rocket wars at close quarters. No glasses.


PVC pipe with a cap on one end makes the best bottle rocket launcher. You can even aim it.


It took this far down to find fireworks wars! Saturn missile batteries, roman candles, bottle rockets, regular rockets, mortars, M80s, my gosh and golly. One of the many fun things from the good old days I am amazed we all escaped unscathed. An old chewing tobacco container fit perfectly over the pvc, duct tape it up, an excellent launching device indeed!


I grew up in the deep country. We had over 100 acres of rocky, hilly land with several creeks, and I had free roam of it from the time I can remember. I wandered several miles in every direction, climbed trees, rode horses and dirt bikes, waded in snake-infested water, got covered in ticks, stickers, and a few leeches. My cousins and I swam in creeks by splashing away snakes and huge snapping turtles. We swung on vines and climbed up in decrepit old barns. I can’t imagine letting my kids have that kind of freedom in this day and age! Most of the time my mother had no idea where I was. I somehow never had many serious injuries. Probably the worst was getting thrown off my horse and landing on my tailbone so hard it knocked me out. Or getting kicked in the head by a cow.


The head by a cow. Astonishing


A small group of us would go camping almost every night during the summer and at least Fridays during the school year. One night we threw a can of spray paint in the fire and the resulting explosion triggered an addiction we didnt know we had. We ended up blowing up at least 1 can a trip for 5 years, we saved all the ones we could find and had over 500 cans. We would climb trees or a ladder we lashed between 2 trees that was 15'-20' high and 10' from the fire but never once got injured despite some close calls. Cans exploding immediately right in our faces, logs being launched out of the pit, shrapnel from the can and/or the ball in the paint would shoot between us while on the ladder. Oh and we were drunk most of the time too. It was dumb as hell but we never paid the price for it tho so it's one of my favorite high school era memories. And now we're experts in huckin dangerous shit in a fire so we've got that going for us


So at this water park called schlitterbaughn (idk it’s weird and it’s in America so idk) there is a river that goes by the side of it that’s not technically part of the park but you can easily get in and out of it from the park. And people in tubes float down the river quite a bit. But there’s this one part where there is a dam with a gap for the tubes but there’s a bit of rapids after that somehow has a flat rock that you can stand on and the current will push you but there’s enough rocks that it’s definitely not a good idea to do that. So me and the boys being the idiots we are jump in the river without tubes to let the current pull us through the rapids.note that the current is really fucking fast so if you hit a rock you’ll probably break something or at least get a bad bruise. We get out unscathed and decided you know what fuck waiting in lines let’s do this for 5 hours and we did. Until one time I was going through and after the rapids the river gets suddenly deeper and there was a whirlpool that I didn’t know about that sucked me down. In the 30 seconds I was down there I decided I was gonna drown to death but at the final moments it spit me back up gasping for air and I landed safely on the bank. I informed my friends of this and then we decided to do it again for 15 minutes until a park employee told us to stop cause small children were following our lead and we headed back to the park.


Yeah they built the worlds largest waterslide but didnt have enginners because they all said they were crazy. Ended up decapitating a state legislator’s preteen son and Kansas went to some of the most lax laws for rides to one of the strictest.


I rode that water slide days before the kid died! I didn’t think it was all that scary and never would have imagined it killing that boy. it definitely was not worth the wait though.


- At 9, I boiled acid from a chemistry set and exploded the beaker spreading molten acid all over the room. Glass shards missed my eye by millimeters. - I built a "roller coaster" track down a steep hill when I was 10. The trial run nearly killed me. - A friend and I built a spectacular bonfire out of a whole neighborhood worth of discarded Christmas trees. We built it inside a large storm sewer. It smoldered for days sending smoke out storm drains for hundreds of yards. I barely got out of the storm sewer alive. As far as I know, nobody even called the fire department. Apparently smoke coming out of drains was passe'. - I rode my bike 45 minutes each way on rural highways with poor visibility and no shoulders in order to spend 10 minutes kissing a girl before her parents told me to go away. Age 14 was hell. - I stepped out into traffic in front of a bus in London England. I didn't see the bus because I was a stupid American who looked the wrong way for oncoming traffic. I was pulled back to the curb by an anonymous hero who saved my life.


The Christmas tree fire made me laugh too much. We used to ride our bikes so far it’s a wonder I was never kidnapped.


I stepped onto the wrong bus when I was 14 and my family went to Istanbul, Turkey and almost got separated from them. I didn't speak the language or even know where we were going or the name of our hotel due to also being a stupid American and not paying attention. They barely pulled me off in time.


“When I was your age I had to ride my bike 45 minutes each way just to kiss some girl. Now you idiots can just put on your OculusMask and kiss each other virtually. You don’t know how good you’ve got it, I’ll tell you hwat.”


I used to fill balloons with my dads oxygen/acetylene torch from work and throw them in bonfires. The explosions were so thunderous we’d have cops riding up and down the block. I can remember doing it one time and flaming debris burning a sand dollar sized hole in my starter jacket. Oh and going hunting with my friend at 13 and shooting shotguns at trees that we were standing near when one of us wasn’t looking to scare each other. Also almost becoming a vegetable a few times from freshly waxed handrails while skateboarding with no helmets.


Talking to other random kids on MySpace and going to meet with them IRL. We took trains and busses without our parents knowledge or approval. It could of ended up really bad but everyone was cool and normal lol


We did this with Yahoo chat rooms, we would party in different towns, it was great.


When I was a teenager my friends and I used to organize these scavenger hunts in Downtown Chicago, but instead of finding things you had to do things instead. We got the idea from a *Viva La Bam* and it originally just started with 4 of us and a list of like 50 things and grew to like 35 people with a list of almost 200 things and thrift store trophy for the winner. I did a lot of stupid things because of these scavenger hunts, because the list was ridiculous. Things like eating 6 raw eggs, eating a dollar bill, holding a conversation with a street sign for 5 minutes, crossing the street by weaving between cars during downtown traffic, jumping from stupid heights, etc. We [even got kicked out of Water Tower Place for playing tag when the hunt got rained out.](https://youtu.be/EnWQtT-Nf6Q) The amount of stupid things that were done on that hunt by a bunch of dumb teenagers was amazing. I'm honestly surprised that not one of us was injured during this, with the exception of my friend Ryan who got some sort of aerosol burn on his nipple.


Ryan here, you don't have to talk about my burnt nipple *everytime* you talk of your childhood


Road near my house had a dip in it. We'd go down it in pretty much anything with wheels. Usually bikes/scooters/skateboards but got pretty creative. I got dared to go down in rollerblades once and got my first concussion. We also took down a wagon, a go-kart, and a shopping cart. The road was also used by cars. If ones coming just get in the other lane. If two, throw yourself off the shoulder and hope you dont hit anything important on the drainpipe.


Heh, reminds me of some sledding accidents I had. Every winter the gravel road I lived on froze over and we would convince the older kid down the street to drag our sled behind his motorbike. That thing hit rocks and stopped cold on more than one occasion, flinging kids into the rear tire/hot muffler of said motorbike. It rolled going around corners so many times we couldn't count. The rope broke on at least a handful of times every winter, sending kid and sled both sailing off the road into bushes, telephone poles, etc.


I had between 25 and 30 acres of land growing up in two separate states. My parents could have cared less. There goes 8 year old me with sometimes a .22 rifle and sometimes just a stick wandering in the woods for hours alone. Next to the site of a rattlesnake roundup, in South Texas and near Tucson. In summer. Never got bit but did meet coyotes (animal and human), javelinas, PTSD afflicted Vietnam vets and had all manner of adventures!


Back when my family lived in Panama, my brother and I would play "coconut bowling". It was a game we made up where one of us stood atop a hill behind our house and rolled coconuts down the hill, while the other stood at the bottom trying to catch them before they rolled into the gutter. However, these coconuts were pretty hefty and sometimes they'd bounce up in the air a few feet due to their irregular shape and from hitting rocks/bumps in the hill, and could have potentially caused us some serious injury if they ever hit us in the head. They never did, but our mom put a stop to it before it did, so thank you mom for not letting us cave in each other's skulls with coconuts.


I've been willingly tasered about 11 times. Edit Sorry, didn't see the childhood part. I willingly stuck my toe into an electrical ~~socket~~ outlet.


Lmao, you seem to be drawn to electricity, how tf do you fit your toe into an electrical socket?


I used to go for all day walks in the woods around my house when I was like 9 years old. My house is surrounded by hundreds of acres of woods and a lake. No way I would let my 9 year old do that (if I had kids)!


Did you meet Pooh out there?


Nope, just snakes and turtles and bugs.


I used to play around in the houses that were being built in my neighborhood and dumpster dive in their big dumpsters full of rusty nails and other hazardous shit when I was like 7. Fun times


jumping off roofs and playing with matches me my brother and sister set the side of the house on fire when we were 5, 6, 7 someone left matches out and we just lit them and threw them on the ground. and when we were younger we would throw rocks at a cars when they passed by